Shown above is a poster promoting the 2023 KAIST Tech Fair in New York late this month. Photo courtesy of KAIST

Korea’s top engineering university strives to expand eco-system

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) announced on Sept. 11 that it would hold the 2023 KAIST Tech Fair in New York during Sept. 20 and 22.

The three-day event, which is designed to expand the KAIST start-up eco-system across the world, will take place at Kimmel Center at New York University.

Since 2018, KAIST has hosted tech fairs in Korea to transfer its technologies to the business world. But this marks the first time for the engineering university to host the event outside of the country.

Toward that end, KAIST has joined hands with the Korea International Trade Association to choose potential participants and investors over the past six months.

The two organizations picked seven outfits founded by KAIST faculty members or students to the interested global corporations in such fields as IT, artificial intelligence, logistics, and retail.

For example, Daim Research will knock on the global markets later this month with its automation system for smart factories. Prof. Jang Young-jat at KAIST established the entity.

Aniai provides an automated system for the fast-casual food industry, particularly in the hamburger business. A KAIST graduate created the company.

Prof. Choi Sung-yool at KAIST said that he was sure of the event’s success.

“I expect that start-ups based on KAIST’s technologies will be able to go through the market tests to secure global demand and receive investments,” he said.

In fact, this is not the first time for KAIST to team up with New York University.

Late last year, the two ivory towers reached an agreement to build a KAIST campus in New York.