right-wing, populist, homophobic and misogynist – for the Director of the Valentin-Karlstadt-Musäums, Sabine Rinberger, Andreas Gabalier “Zero” with the art of the great humorist Karl Valentin (1882-1948). Even more outraged, it is you, that of all the controversial Austrian musician to receive the Karl-Valentin-Orden – and not only them.

the former Lord mayor of Munich, Christian Ude criticized the choice of the Religious institution. The Munich “tz” quotes also a lawyer Gunter fats, managed on behalf of the family Valentine’s day the estate: “It is unacceptable that Gabalier with his obvious game with fascist symbols, such as the trailing hook of the cross on the CD Cover, is brought misogyny and his homophobia with the name of Charles Valentine.”

by the end of November, the Munich-based carnival company responsible for designing announced the winner of this year’s order. Gabalier embody the sophistries of the great Munich humorist. She also sees Parallels between Karl Valentin, who “saw life as a folk singer”, and Gabalier, the “self-proclaimed folk-Rock’n’Roller” and “folk singer 2.0”.

In addition, the carnival takes company that Gabalier “have the courage to have an own opinion”. She sees him in the Tradition of Valentin and the quote “a stranger’s a Stranger only in a Strange land”. Gabalier image is striking again and again with his extremely conservative, part of the national populist world.

No respect for the Person

“Who assigns a to a personality named order, has a responsibility to the protagonists, and in this case, Karl Valentin,” said Rinberger SPIEGL ONLINE. In your opinion, the art form Gabaliers have nothing to do with Valentin. Much heavier, but weighing that with Gabalier a because of its right-wing populist tendencies of controversial musician will be awarded. “Since my tolerance is at an end.”

Narhalla can’t understand, according to Reports by various media, the excitement. “The event, the awards ceremony pays tribute to Karl Valentin in the highest degree”, quoted the Bavarian radio 1. Vice-President Günter Male Mould. You could make the musician, it is not in the right corner, and him of homophobia or misogyny to blame. Especially in the case of his concerts it would have a mostly female Fans.

The awarding of the order takes place in the framework of the Great responsible for designing ball at the 2. February instead. The laudatory speech for Andreas Gabalier is to keep Peter Kraus.


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