KCCI head office in central Seoul/Courtesy of KCCI

Regional chambers of commerce promote member firms

Since its foundation in 1884, the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) has represented hundreds of thousands of corporations of all sizes, sectors, and nationalities in Korea.

As the national member organization of the International Chamber of Commerce and the World Chambers Federation, the KCCI has acted as a channel of communication between companies and the government.

Offering business management services, the outfit has been at the forefront of trade promotion by engaging in private-sector economic diplomacy with foreign government and corporations.

The KCCI also has more than 70 regional chambers of commerce under its wing, which take care of its member companies in the respective region. And the network continues to expand across Asia’s fourth-largest economy.

And each regional chamber of commerce has its own history.

For example, the Gwangju CCI was inaugurated in late 1936 to serve as a comprehensive economic organization of the country’s sixth-biggest city with some 1.5 million population, around 270 kilometers south of Seoul.

It has laid a foundation to take a leading role for the development of a local economy. One of its strengths is its website, which promptly provides information in digital business.

Gwangju CCI expects that such an information system will provide useful business and management information to its member firms in a speedy fashion.

The entity vows to take the leading role in the promotion of local informatization via continuously updating website so as to offer useful information for its members.

Gwangju CCI is a comprehensive economic organization comprising of entire business except for primary industries such as agriculture and fishery. The membership of CCI covers the business of any size and stands for the whole economic community,” a Gwangju CCI official said.

Our purpose is to provide a diverse and wide range of services as a representative organization to advocate the interests of businesses. We also seek the comprehensive development of commerce and industry as well as the balanced growth of the national and local economy.”

Daegu CCI backs up almost 6,000 companies in the nation’s No. 4 city with a population of 2.5 million located around 240 kilometers southeast of Seoul.

Daegu CCI has played a pivotal role in boosting its member companies’ business in time with international events.

The city hosted the IAAF World Championships 2011 and WEC’s 2013 Congress as well as World Water Forum 2015. The World Gas Conference 2021 will also take place in the city, a center for transportation, education, culture, and environment.

Daegu CCI is the only comprehensive economic organization in Daegu and encompasses more than 5,800 members from a broad spectrum of individuals and companies in the local economy. Daegu has become well known for its fashion and textile industries. Other major industries include machinery and metal, auto parts, electronics, and manufacturing optical lenses,” a Daegu CCI representative said.

By developing these main industries as well as others, we promote advancement in Daegu’s commerce and industry, for the sound growth of the local economy. We are proud of our vital role in connecting international entrepreneurs and Daegu businesses.”

The publisher studied Korean history in Seoul and management of business administration in the United Kingdom. He has 20-year experiences in the media business. Kim can be reached at voc200@gmail.com or 82-2-6956-6698.