Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced the end of the attack on a hotel complex in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. “All the terrorists are eliminated,” said Kenyatta.

at Least 14 innocent people were killed by the Islamist Shabab militia claimed stop. 700 civilians were rescued. How many Dead there are in total, is still open. The news agencies AFP and AP reported, citing the police at least 15 dead.

Among the victims were also foreigners, said a police spokesman. A representative of the US Ministry of foreign Affairs confirmed that at least one U.S. citizen came to the attack, the terrorist organization Schabab has claimed. Especially in Somalia, the active group is associated with the terrorist network al-Qaeda.

conference should be apart at the last Minute, been moved to be

Perhaps it had, the attackers also targeted foreigners. A US-organized conference was the target of the attack, the news Agency reported dpa, citing police. The event was supposed to take place originally in the attacked luxury hotel, but the location had been changed at the last Minute. A confirmation for this information yet.

Video: attack on luxury hotel


In Kenya, it always comes back to terrorist attacks, especially since the Kenyan armed forces, the support of the neighboring country of Somalia as part of a Mission of the African Union (AU) in the fight against the Shabaab militia. The Islamist terrorist group al-Shabaab has been trying for years, through attacks to widen her influence. They control large parts of southern and Central Somalia.

Ministry: “All of the buildings and the surroundings are safe”

TV images of the latest attack in Kenya showed burning cars. The injured were carried away from the scene of the crime. First, there was the complex, according to police, an Explosion in front of the hotel. Later, the attackers have blown themselves up in the Foyer of the hotel in the air, numerous shots were fired.

Some of the victims had been surprised, according to a report by the Reuters news Agency, in the Restaurant, the Secret Garden of the attackers. You will be dropped at their tables. Again, there is still no confirmation. However, it is expected that Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta turns in the Morning with a speech about the attack on the people.

the video image. two of the attackers show

The Hotel is located close to Westgate shopping centre, where, in 2013, in a terrorist attack at least 67 people died A dpa Reporter, according to Nairobi were around the facility in a relatively wealthy district, to hear on early Wednesday morning, still shots and explosions. The interior Ministry announced meanwhile, civilians that had been protected by the security people in the building, had now been saved. “All of the buildings and the surroundings are safe.”


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