After the Match, it went to the thing with the scream.

As a Journalist Kerber Angelique wanted to ask, as you take this huge primal scream of her opponent had experienced, and drew Kerber eyebrows. “I have not looked at your side of the Courts,” she said. So even not experienced, should that mean maybe. Or That she was busy with her own performance. The indeed, it was remarkably bad.

0:6, 2:6 lost to Kerber in the US-American Danielle Collins. DieAustralian Open for the best German tennis player in the second round. Never Kerber has lost in a Grand Slam later.

After record loss: toilet break

Collins, 25, was charged by the Match, as if it was riding a Boxing match. Barely twenty minutes had passed since she had decided the first set for 13 profit beats managed. Then Kerber went in the direction of the catacombs. Toilet break.

This break led to wonder and Ask in the press conference after the duel. If Kerber wanted to use the interruption of the primary to Think and reorient – a brilliant idea came to her. A quick Break for Kerber to the beginning of the second sentence of the immediate impact of loss followed. The primal scream of Collins it afterwards was the same.

After 56 minutes Kerber was redeemed. For the Wimbledon champion with the defeat doubly bitter. The Chance of their now three Grand Slam titles, adding another, seemed to be large, because the participants seemed to be at this Australian Open, as open as it is rare.

Before the start of the tournament, had finally had eleven players, the prospect of leaving Melbourne as the world rank list first. Probably twice as many had chances before the two weeks of realistic victory. Kerber will grieve also, she was able to counteract Collins’ aggressive game. It’s the old Malaise of their career. Although Kerber is the best defensive player in the world, On some days she is to defeat. Since her Triumph at Wimbledon last July, she has no endgame.

“This will now happen more often”

Collins is far from a Grand Slam final, they have not won this tournament once again, a Match at a Grand Slam. The role of the Humble is not your but apparently. In the winners interview, she announced: “I tell you, such victories, it will now happen more often.”

Collins is now trained to tell their story of determination and perseverance. Once, it was one of the best juniors in the country, but the parents of the travel exchange was missing, to send the daughter of major international tournaments. The way out proved to be a Glücksweg. Because Collins received a College scholarship, worked his way up from a substitute player at the University of Florida to the top player for the University of Virginia.

Danielle Collins

Two surprising title at the student Championships later and a climb on the women’s tour, as no College player in the last decade, has managed acts Collins particularly determined. After their breakthrough last spring, you announced in an Interview: “I have interests away from the Tennis. I am intelligent and have ambition is to make my training more when I am with the Tennis finished. But at the Moment I would be crazy if I didn’t play every day.”

your game is unconventional and is variable, the methods of attack are brutal, especially but Collins lives from your self-confidence. She’s not one to be Shy in front of the big Moment. Also in the press conference, they announced in their own way, that she intends to stay. “Each of them gets the opportunity to take a piece of the pie that happens to you,” she said. “My time is now.”

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