it looks Good. Recovered. Somehow cleaned up. With a masterful gesture, Kevin Spacey moves in front of the camera, and speaks with a sonorous, warm voice. Facial expressions and body language to support perfectly its verbal messages, allusions, and Appeals. He seeks eye contact with his audience, builds emotional bridges that flatters. It is like a conversation among equals, cronies, accomplices. The Video is impressive, why can you miss Kevin Spacey: The man is as an actor.

And he’s pale nor emaciated, since he was in October 2017 unemployed. Oh, to be unemployed: The pariah it was, on a lot of talking, but not with him. He lost his Jobs, his last films cut out for him. His agents and the Studios have distanced themselves from him. From the sought-after Oscar winner, a Gemiedener.

the actor Anthony Rapp in October 2017, publicly made, to be at the age of 14 years of Spacey’s sexually harassed, to the best of Spacey rode the not basically. He could not remember, he said, but if Rapp didn’t feel it at the time, then he apologised for it. He was going to go because of his problems in therapy.

Rapp is now 47, and whatever happened to her or not, it is likely to be time-barred. This is true for several of the Misdemeanours and crimes, the Spacey at the Weinstein-the fall of 2017, have been accused of. The damage to the image of the actor was disastrous, but it may be that he believed as still to come with impunity. A few months after the first allegations, there were 16 possible victims. The allegations range from exhibitionist irritation to the rape of minors.

these are not trivial offences. But until a court says about it, initially, “only” allegations. The Kevin Spacey uses now for the attempt of a Self-rehabilitation. This video message was released on the same day as the announcement, that he on 7. January will be brought before a judge to stand in the Massachusetts court, it can, but it must be a coincidence.

You must be a good man, a good actor to be

Because it takes time to produce something. Had Spacey prepared for the case of an indictment? Or attempt a Comeback? Finally had ventured forward only at the end of November, the Director Paul Schrader with the roll call, to occupy Spacey again: “Yesterday I got a very good script, according to Kevin Spacey in the main role screamed.”

his producers would have rejected That, wrote Schrader in the case of Facebook, think he is wrong. He makes a distinction between the crimes of the Person and your value as an artist: “to set Him as an artist only punish the art.”

In this argument, the with Think that the end justifies the means oscillates. Spacey moves his hand pretty professionally produced, on the other hand, quite disturbing Video exactly on this line. “I know what You want,” he murmurs to the audience. “They tried to separate us, but what we have is too strong, too powerful. Ultimately, we have shared everything with each other: I have shown You my deepest, darkest secrets. I’ve shown You what people are capable of, I’ve shocked You with my honesty.”

no, not really: Shocked Spacey has his Fans with the things that he did secretly. But it is also Kevin Spacey, talking, but Frank Underwood, his most famous role: scheming political strategist who assassinates up to the White house. Spacey shows what may have been meant to Schrader: He, the gifted artist, can be in front of the camera convincing. One who has shocked us in a pleasant way, which made us in violation of the “fourth wall” again and again to be accomplices, he spoke of the ongoing action out of the audience.

Innocent or unable to stand his own guilt?

And we, says Underwood, enjoyed it to be his accomplice. That’s true. But this does not mean that we want to be Spacey accomplices.

Frank Underwood is without question the type of person you can miss. Just like all the other major roles of Kevin Spacey, which he embodied in the sense of the word. But Underwood/Spacey does not imply that we know “the whole truth”. “The things in politics as in life” are not always so simple as shown. Honestly?

he claims to be: The Video-what he called the ambiguous “Let me be Frank”. You can translate it with “Let me be Frank,” but also with “Let me be very Frank”. He says: “I’m not going to pay the price for something that I haven’t done.” Only, who’s talking? Frank Underwood or Kevin Spacey? That is not so separate, is certainly the Subtext of the video. It is so brilliant how bizarre.

“do you Miss me?” he asks at the end. And know that there can be only one response: of course we miss You!

He remains who he is

The Problem is not just that things, as Spacey says correctly, are not so simple. The perfect actors can disappear into roles, it does not mean that it disappears really. He remains who he is. And possibly this is a Person that imposes 14-Year-old and against her will to the genitals. A serial offender, Promote does not exceed the aggressive sexual moral as well as legal barriers. A criminal who would surely miss nobody.

If this is so, however, can only decide a court of law. On 7. In January, he will have to face up to the Nantucket District Court in Massachusetts, where he will be brought before a judge. Also in California is still being determined against him, and in six cases in the UK. Alone in Massachusetts him could be at risk because of sexual violence and bodily injury up to five years in prison.

“If he should be innocent,” says a commentator on Youtube, the Spacey Video, “then that would be brilliant here. He should be guilty, then it would be upsetting.”

So the is.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.