Shown above is the head office of the Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives (KFCC) in Seoul. The apex organization has attempted to help the country’s youngsters through various projects. Photo courtesy of KFCC

Korea’s top apex organization carries out various projects for youth

The Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives (KFCC) said on Aug. 20 that the outfit has been conducting various projects aimed at protecting the country’s youngsters.

Indeed, the leading apex organization for Korea’s cooperative banking sector plans to start the fourth edition of its annual youth job camp this month.

The HR officials of the KFCC will give special lectures to job seekers, who will also be able to receive advice on the preparation of job applications and interviews.

In particular, participants in the camp will be able to experience non-face-to-face mock interviews.

Included in other KFCC programs is a boot camp for start-ups, which helps young people launch social enterprises.

The initiative is designed to help deal with youth unemployment and boost the regional economy through finding out prominent ideas for new businesses.

A total of 10 teams were picked through the first-round screening session so that they took part in an educational camp in May for three days.

Five finalists will be selected soon. Then, they will be able to enjoy the all-around supports of the KFCC during the next two years.

The KFCC has also selected 100 youngsters this spring to provide financial supports for their housing at a time when many young people struggle to find out the proper place to reside.

“The economic slump prolongs due to the virus pandemic. As things are especially difficult for youngsters, the KFCC will put forth efforts to offer helping hands to them,” a KFCC official said.

The KFCC, which is led by Chairman Park Cha-hoon, has around 1,300 branches around the country with a total asset amount to more than 200 trillion won ($180 billion).