South Korean ginseng manufacturer KGC has won two ISO certificates in information security. Photo courtesy of ISO

South Korean firm win recognition in information security

Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) announced on June 10 that the company had gained two certificates in information security from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The Seoul-based company, which is the country’s largest manufacturer of ginseng products, noted that they are the ISO 27001 and the ISO 27701.

The former comprises a total of 114 controls, which are grouped into 14 categories, including information security policies, human resources security, and operational security.

As the extension of the former, the latter is composed of 31 controls for data processors and 18 for data controllers.

While the ISO 27001 is designed to address primarily information security controls, the ISO 27701 extends it into data privacy, according to the ISO.

As parts of the ISO 27000 series of information security standards, they also work as frameworks, which help organizations establish, implement, operate, monitor, and review their management system.

“We have continued to work on improving information security. Back in 2020, for example, we also garnered local certificates for that,” a KGC official said.

“The ISO certification recognizes our capacity in information security. On top of the area, we will put forth efforts to practice the ESG management.”

Brief for Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance, ESG is the three central factors in measuring the sustainability of a corporation or business.

Over the past few years, the initiative has emerged as an essential managerial value both at home and abroad.