Shown above is Korea Ginseng Corporation’s new-type product of “Hong Sam Jeong Everytime Film.” People can take the product without having to drink water. Photo courtesy of KGC

Film-type ginseng products coming to town

Thus far, people typically drank water after eating products of red ginseng extracts, which came in various forms of ordinary pouches, stick pouches, or ampoules.

Things are expected to change as the world’s leading red ginseng maker Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) introduced an innovative form of film-type products.

The product, dubbed “Hong Sam Jeong Everytime Film,” contains red ginseng extracts in an orally dissolving film (ODF) designed to disintegrate on the tongue.

KGC took advantage of the oral thin film, which was used by some advanced pharmaceutical companies to provide quick release of drugs, for convenient intake.

Ginseng gets better with age in terms of the amount of healthful components, including saponins, and the benefits tend to peak in six years.

South Korea’s Food and Drug Administration confirmed the benefits of KGC red ginsengs in helping beef up immunity and recover from fatigue.

Specializing in six-year-grown red ginsengs, KGC is the business bellwether in the global market as it remained ahead of the pack over the past 10 years, according to Euromonitor, in early 2023.

The consultancy noted that KGC carved out around 42 percent of the global market last year and became the sole outfit to reach the $1 billion plateau in annual sales.

“A mounting number of dietary supplement companies use film-type products because of their convenience,” a KGC official said. “We will continue to offer innovative items.”

In time with the launch of the newest version of Everytime series, KGC started a promotional event _ those who purchase 60 sheets of the new items will get 20 sheets more.