KGC External Affairs Office chief Kim Ho-gyum, left, poses with Autism Korea Chairman Kim Yong-jin after KGC donates red ginseng products to Autism Korea. Photo courtesy of KGC

Korean ginseng maker extends helping hands

Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) said this week that it had donated its red ginseng products to Autism Korea, which helps autistic patients in the country.

The Seoul-based corporation noted that they are red ginseng extracts, branded “CheongKwanJang Everytime,” of which value totaled more than 50 million won.

They contain six-year-old red ginseng, which is believed to have the highest effects in strengthening immunity, according to KGC.

Autism Korea plans to deliver them to the developmentally disabled.

Since 2018, KGC has contributed its products to the organization, which has conducted campaigns to improve the awareness on people on the autism spectrum.

As a part of its ESG efforts, KGC has provided its products free of charge. Last year, its donation amounted to 4.5 billion won for the underprivileged and medical staff who struggled to fight against the virus pandemic.

Short for Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance, ESG is the three central factors in measuring the sustainability of a corporation or business.

Over the past few years, the initiative has emerged as an essential managerial value across the world.

“We will continue to share with our neighbors through various corporate social responsibility programs down the road,” said Kim Ho-gyum, who is in charge of the company’s External Affairs Office.