Shown above is the EV9, the large-sized electric vehicle of South Korean automaker Kia. The firm plans to display the new model during the Seoul Mobility Show late this month. Photo courtesy of Kia

Seoul Mobility Show will bring new models

South Korean automaker Kia plans to unveil its large-sized electric vehicle EV9 late this month during the Seoul Mobility Show, according to the fair’s organization committee on March 16.

The 11-day exhibition, which will take place between March 30 and April 9, will bring more than 160 mobility companies, including 12 automakers, from across the world.

Kia, a sister company of Hyundai Motor, said that the EV9 has generous space in three rows of seats thanks to the long wheelbase, low beltline, and completely flat EV architecture.

The model, which is equipped with two 12.3-inch touch screens integrated with one 5-inch segment display, will be offered in both six and seven-seat formats.

Kia did not disclose its plan to market the model, but observers expect that the company would start to receive pre-orders beginning this May for delivery during the second half of this year.

Included in other notable participants is BMW, which is scheduled to demonstrate its first prototype of the hydrogen-powered iX-5. Alpha Motor from the United States will showcase its EV pickup truck, named Wolf, for the first time.

V Space, a South Korean urban air mobility company, is slated to bring about a new vertical take-off and landing passenger aircraft. The country’s university, KAIST, is set to show off a self-driving vessel.

The organization committee of the annual exhibition expects that the number of visitors to the event will double to a half million this year compared to 2022, thanks to the new cars.

“More than other vehicles, the EV9 draws attention because it is the first large-sized electric car from Hyundai Motor or Kia,” Daelim University automotive professor Kim Pil-soo said.

“Kia has said that it would travel almost 300 miles on a single charge. In consideration of its size, the driving range is quite attractive.”

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