1. Give us at last a Lurch-Bachelor’s degree!

The dominance of the muscular, you must finally be smashed. The new Bachelor Andrej Mangold is like a cute little animal from a food Ministry, funded cartoon series, the children increased vegetables should be eating to make tasty, but is instead, unfortunately, Adonis exemplary professional basketball player with its own gum-Startup (which advertises its Malm-goods on the relevant website with a smack-existentialist statement: “It was high time that somebody asks, the gum behind.”).

when may finally have a real Schluribert with lyre belly and Fliehkiefer, but magnificently conceived Streamingdienstabo Portfolio go to search Women? A trailer, a battle of a normal, lazy person, the whole pointless grueling speed boat-Dates go the same way on the nerves of us? And then maybe not, as this Time, in Mexico, but maybe in resin?

when, RTL, WHEN?

The first night of the roses – the “Bachelor”-interested

2. teasing out more art!

Either suggested a only the broken spirit, to comfort a the fact that you wasted the newly-opened, largely unbesudelte year on day two again with trash – but it seemed as verkünstelt this Time around, the production side a bit, regarding the “Bachelor”image language. That’s right, more please. Beautiful, because stupidest, so beautiful image idea: The twenty candidates for the string crouching in Bikinis just lined up on towels on the beach and put one after the other, subtly choreographed, in flat position, as the not in the of “Bachelor”, but a pretty titty Domino Day.

3. Power step punishment were mandatory!

of Course it is embarrassing, of course it hurts, arg, when to watch, when a Bachelor party at the first meeting together a weird show lists, but we are all here for fun. And because a chicken is the parade of Hope, pre-scheduled limo carted away in an endless, Mobius snake, after the third candidate, which stretched its stiletto significance stacksen hard from the door of the car, insanely bored, and longs to be formally after this little punishment pieksern, so that at least something is happening.

this year, Lara won the Cringe-Cup, as they danced after getting out unbidden, like a Monkey on a peanut Turkey for Andrei. Just on the second place: Christina, who sang at the initial point of contact with a lazy rhyme-free treat song (“Feel let the sun, the sea of Mexico-City / Come away from here / pack your bags, I’ll tell you where to go”), and the Bachelor of a survival package with “emergency whip” is presented.

An emergency-Atlas would have been cool, because the beach can be found in the inner sounds of the past Mexico city, nor sincere love when “the Bachelor”.

4. More efficient transportation routes.

Really, the already mentioned endless Limo Ankarrerei sucks insanely. Why can’t form the candidate on the way to the Bachelor’s Villa is an eco-friendly carpool? Nice a common arrival in one of these seemed-free miniature train would be, as you drive to the Spa town of promenades around, or, if you moved the Whole thing to the water, on a fun banana.

5. Prohibits the eyes of lard!

“These eyes, these teeth, this radiance!” Rare the candidate were possessed of the pretty larva of a bachelor’s variant, urgently wish with a persistent cooing over his beautiful Auuuugen a maßregelnde instance, such as an executor figure with a bucket, then enter the scene, and the all-too-Enthusiastic with warm Lard could pour over.

Bachelor Andrei drifted in bad Schwadronage (“in love with an incredibly beautiful feeling to be”), but at least the rose award-Resonating pleasantly bureaucratic and language of the “first impression” and “second call”, as he was a recruiter. And something in this Format, the approach to be taken seriously.

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