Not that Raeseng, the Killer would go after we have completed your order to celebrate. On the contrary, He feels strangely sluggish. And tell yourself not to have feelings of guilt and to not feel self-hatred. Cool, very cool, he is, as the examples from the cinema: After the murder, in front of the beer. But why is he then lies in bed for days, the head of beer leaden heavy, fatigue in the bones? And why is it him increasingly impossible to fulfill the orders of the Plotter exactly as intended?

The plotters, these are the people who prepare the Job, the precise scenario design, in which all the big W-questions are cleared: when the murder should happen and with what weapon, and how the body is to be disposed of? Plotter, spotters and killers are part of a sophisticated system, designed by the South Korean author Kim Un-Su Kim for his Thriller “The Plotter”.

author Kim Un Su

It works according to the laws of the market, according to supply and demand, and it knows no other rules. Anyone looking for a Killer, drugs, or weapons, of the visits the meat market, “the world’s most capitalistic of all markets. Nothing was forbidden, not by law or morality”. Here, the housewife can leave your unloved, but wealthy husband, to dispose of, the economic boss of his competition off, sold the hapless gambler until his organs, and eventually, his children.

the feelings, the exchange of services and Goods for money in the way, and Raeseng is a product of this unbridled capitalism, a lone contractor, leads a dreary existence. Kill, beer, kill, beer, and so on, up to the long-anticipated early death: “I have lived like a worm, and I’m going to die like a worm.”

Kim-jealous of his heroes at any time, the grandeur, the assassins in the classic Thriller, like to be attributed. Raeseng is not one of the great Desert, not a crypto-philosopher of the dying, nor is he a hedonistic Globetrotter the night with champagne and beautiful women. He is little more than the Finger that pulls the trigger, the fist, the bones can break. Even if he knows exactly what he’s doing and for whom, he can use it again and again: “The idea that you could kill someone for something you believed in, chased him afraid.”

Six-figure advance sum

A fear, which he developed already in his youth, when he discovered in the library of the orphan boy Chartplotter grew up as the foster child of a master (and at the same time serves as a meeting place of killers), reading. While he saw all of the great heroes – and above all, his darling Achilles – fall at the end, he was overcome with “an overwhelming distrust of the life”.

That the Boy who is lost in the literature, later to be a Killer, which ensures that the plotters devised stories have a Happy ending in your mind, is one of the many fine turns of this novel that uses the Thriller conventions, but far behind.

Raeseng, the ice-cold angel, complete with beginning 30 life for a long time, will have to learn in the course of the novel but yet to take a position. A woman, Mito, occurs in his life, and the – almost – with a Bang: they installed a Mini-bomb in Raesengs apartment, and because he is once again in the beer intoxication, he would have missed you almost.

Mito wanted to attract only his attention – the Killer will help her to destroy the meat market. She’s ready for anything. To be to kill and be killed. And Raeseng will have to think of something that one of his previous victims said to him: “Only those who really goes his own way, choose his own death.”

The Plotter

translated from the English by Rainer Schmidt

Europe publishing, 360 pages, 24 Euro

At Amazon. In the case of Thalia order.

If he finds this way in the end, the start is the real Exciting part of this novel, is about nine years after he was in South Korea a huge success, even internationally. In the coming year, The Plotter “in England and the United States,” supposedly a six-figure sum for the American rights was due.

If, as the “Guardian” speculated that South Korean Thriller be the world let the cash registers ring as the last Scandinavian crime fiction, must be doubted: The novels of Kim Un Su Yu Jeong Jeong (“The good son” will be published in January in the Union publishing house) don’t offer generic violence orgies, but disturbing insights into the destroyed souls. In “The Plotter” shows Kim the crime not as a deviant behavior, but as the normal state in a world without values. Not necessarily the stuff of which bestsellers are made. But great literature.

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