Together with her husband have kept Jennifer W. in Iraq a little girl as a slave. As the child fell ill, and on a mattress einnässte, would have to be chained to their tormentors, it is a penalty, and Outdoor and it is in the heat agony of thirst.

So the Federal government describes lawyers on the case. The Accused: A suspected supporter of the terrorist militia “Islamic state” (IS) from Germany. Against the 27-Year-old, the Federal government has charged lawyers now claim.

About 200 women will be traveling from Germany to Syria and Iraq. Dozens of Islamists have now returned to Germany. Jennifer W. had traveled according to the investigation, in August 2014, through Turkey and Syria into Iraq. There, she joined the IS and was patrolling in Iraqi cities Falludschaund of Mosul in the evening, for the so-called moral police of the jihadists militia, in order to respect the compliance by the IS established by behavior and clothing requirements.

The intimidation is supposed to have carried W. is an assault rifle, a pistol and with explosives prepared vest. As the monthly remuneration you received the information that from the IS between 70 and 100 US dollars.

contributed Nothing to the rescue

The accused is put to the load, and from low motives a people reasons to have cruelly killed. In addition, you have breach of the war weapons control act.

The accused and her husband have bought in the summer of 2015, from a group of prisoners of war, the then five-year-old girl. W. later, in fact, her husband grant, and nothing to rescue the girl taken, informed the office of the attorney General.

at the end of January 2016 requested W. in the German Embassy in Ankara, a new identification papers. It was taken afterwards by the Turkish security authorities, and after Germany deported. 29. June 2018, the police arrested them in Germany, as they tried to travel to Syria. Since then, she’s sitting in detention.


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