North Korea has tested a “new tactical High-Tech weapon”. Leader Kim Jong Un had supervised the Test of the weapon in person, reported the state news Agency KCNA. The Test was successful. What type of weapon it was, remained unclear.

The new weapon, the strength of the defense, and the “fighting strength of our national army,” said KCNA. Kim was “very pleased” about the outcome of the Tests.

The Regime in Pyongyang had announced in April to stop the North Korean nuclear weapons and missile tests. This contributed significantly to the relaxation in the conflict to the Korean Peninsula. In June, Kim and US President, Donald Trump met to make a historic summit in Singapore, the denuclearization of North Korea, it was agreed. The agreement, however, remained vague. Since the Meeting, the talks are Stalled.

North Korea calls for an easing of sanctions

A return to nuclear or missile tests in North Korea would be a serious setback for diplomatic efforts. However, nothing pointed out on Friday, initially on a Test of this kind. The use of the word “tactical” in the description of the new weapon suggests, rather, that no-ball range ballistic long rocket and no nuclear explosives were used.

Yang Moo Jin of the University of North Korean studies in Seoul said the Test was a “Signal to the USA” that North Korea will lose in the talks running out of patience. The Regime in Pyongyang, calls for an easing of the sanctions imposed against the country. The government in Washington, however, demands a “final, fully verified” for the denuclearization.

North Korea had expanded its nuclear and missile programme and violation of UN resolutions. The United Nations, the United States and the EU had several times imposed sanctions against North Korea. Also the relationship with the main ally China deteriorated. In the past year, North Korea took its sixth and largest nuclear test, and tested also missiles that could hit US territory.

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