investigators in the Central Swiss francs will be searching high pressure to an attacker who is said to have stabbed three women in Nuremberg. “Please be careful, the offender might still be armed with a knife”, informed the officials. In addition to patrol officers officers to be civil in use, residents would be consulted. A special Commission was set up.

After the three knife attacks in the Nuremberg district of St. Johannis, the women are now out of danger. “According to the attending Doctors, the treatments of the three Injured parties were successful,” said the police. All three women had to have emergency surgery in the Wake of the attack on Thursday evening.

police in the meantime assumes a single offender

investigators want to interview the victims of stab attacks, if possible, on Friday. The police is hoping for important clues as to the perpetrator, who is still on the run. The search in the night with a helicopter and police went dogs unsuccessfully. On Twitter, police have released a description of the accordingly, the dark blonde suspects with three days ‘ growth of beard:

Two 26, and 34-year-old women had been injured in the evening by the bites dangerous to life, a 56-year-old pedestrian was seriously injured. The crime scenes were only a few Hundred meters away from each other.

The first incident occurred, according to the police against 19.20. A man and a 56-year-old pedestrian had been contrary, and I stabbed her in the torso. Against 22.45 clock, it was only a few streets away to another knife attack on a 26-Year-old, who ran straight home. Shortly thereafter, a 34-year-old woman was injured by a knife.

What is the connection between the attacks, is still unclear. First of all, there were different perpetrators, descriptions of the women. Meanwhile, the police is writing but only to an attacker. The victim did not know.

evidence of a terrorist Background, the police has no. The police wants to inform the public at a press conference at 13 o’clock on for more Details of the case.


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