During a memorial service for the victims of national socialism, members of the AfD group in Protest left against a speech by Charlotte Knobloch, the Bavarian state Parliament. Now the case appears mainly on the speaker itself: The former President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany is threatened.

“Since then, reaching me, almost minute-by-minute desert of invective, threats and insults by E-Mail and telephone,” said Knobloch, the “Augsburger Allgemeine”. “The danger posed by the party and their supporters, for our liberal democracy, is so blatantly obvious and just shows even more that the Democrats in our country need to stand together against them,” she said.

in her speech in the Parliament in Munich, they had attacked the AfD is sharp: “This so-called Alternative for Germany bases its policy on hate and exclusion and not only for me, on the floor of our democratic Constitution,” said the Chairman of the Israelite cultural community of Munich and upper Bavaria. Then, AfD members demonstratively left the chamber.

ryegrass: Knobloch, the memorial event abused

The group head of the AfD in the Bundestag, Alice rye, commented on Twitter about the incident: Knobloch “entblödet” and the memorial event for party policy is abused. Knobloch, in turn, the dpa news Agency said, the AfD’m very loud and then responds with a critique of his own party very disruptive side to it. “A party that is so radical, it does not belong in a legislative body.”

In October, Knobloch had made in an Interview with the MIRROR against the AfD: “For the first Time a party has managed to enter the Bundestag, the program can be summarized with the words: Jews get out,” she had said in the conversation.

The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution had declared the AfD recently to the test case, the right of national “wing” and the party’s youth organization “Young Alternative” that the Constitution guards as a suspected case.

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