5.17 Kolmar-Korea-becomes-brand-owner
Shown above is the head office of Kolmar Korea, a cosmetics contract producer. The company announced its acquisition of the global trademark rights to the Kolmar brand from Kolmar USA. Photo courtesy of Kolmar Korea

Kolmar follows suit of Fila, MCM

Kolmar Korea, the country’s cosmetic contract manufacturer, announced on May 17 that it had taken over the global trademark rights to the Kolmar brand.

Kolmar USA was established in 1921 to become a powerhouse in the cosmetics ODM and OEM business.

Short for the original equipment manufacturer, an OEM company churns out products that are fully designed by a partner company and then licensed out to an outside producer. Brief for the original design manufacturer, an ODM corporation can make some changes in designs.

Kolmar Korea came to town in 1990 to chalk up a fast growth to become the brand owner in some three decades by acquiring the trademark rights from Kolmar USA.

The Seoul-based company is currently providing cosmetics products to various brands both at home and abroad.

“The Kolmar brand debuted around a century ago in the United States, and we have become its owner,” Kolmar Korea Vice Chairman Yoon Sang-hyun said.

“As we own the global Kolmar brand, we will try to extend our presence across the globe.”

Thus far, Kolmar Korea has named its U.S. unit as PTP and its Canadian subsidiary as CSR. Yet, the firm is set to revise them to Kolmar USA and Kolmar Canada, respectively.

Kolmar is not the only South Korean company to become a brand owner by gobbling up the global trademark rights from its founder or successor.

In 2005, Sungjoo Group founder Kim Sung-joo acquired MCM Holding, a German luxury fashion brand created midway through the 1970s.

Two years later, Fila Korea became the owner of the Fila brand, which started in 1911 in Europe.

Kolmar Korea has been brisk in acquiring assets over the past few years. Observers point out that such efforts would boost the corporate value of the company.

“Kolmar Korea has recently snapped up the country’s No. 1 cosmetics container maker Yonwoo,” Daishin Securities analyst Han Yoo-jeong said.

“Such moves are expected to enable the firm to come up with tailor-made cosmetic containers, thus boosting its profitability.”

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