H2Korea Chairman Moon Jae-do, center, holds an agreement with Innovation Norway chief Hakon Haugli, right, and NORWEP head Sjur E. Bratland, left, after signing a memorandum of understanding about the hydrogen business on March 24. Photo courtesy of H2Korea

Two countries signing MOU for joint projects

South Korea and Norway have teamed up to develop hydrogen energy-related businesses, which are touted as futuristic and eco-friendly models.

Toward that end, H2Korea announced on March 24 that it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Innovation Norway and NORWEP.

H2Korea is Korea’s state-backed organization geared toward leading the global hydrogen industry, while Innovation Norway is Norway’s outfit designed to promote Norwegian-Korean bilateral trade.

NORWEP is short for Norwegian Energy Partners, which is aimed at supporting and assisting in the internationalization of the Norwegian energy industry.

Under the three-way pact, they agreed to beef up cooperation by hosting conferences and seminars periodically. Plus, they vowed to build a global network together and develop hydrogen policies.

“The two countries could be able to sign the MOU based on the close collaboration since 2019 in the hydrogen energy sector,” H2Korea Chairman Moon Jae-do said.

“We are determined to back the efforts of developing joint projects associated with the hydrogen industry, which would be mutually beneficial.”

Norwegian Ambassador to Korea Frode Solberg also welcomed the MOU, noting that the two nations’ initiatives would help the world turn to more green energy sources.

Up to 100 representatives from the two countries took part in the event of signing the MOU. Due to the virus pandemic, the ceremony was held online.

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