Shown above are tableware manufactured by a Korean company, Ssueim. It has joined hands with Finnish fashion company Marja Kurki to set up a new premium brand dubbed “Marja Kurki Living.” Photo courtesy of Ssueim

Marja Kurki Living will tap into global markets

South Korea’s household item maker Ssueim has teamed up with Marja Kurki to establish a new brand dubbed “Marja Kurki Living” with the aim of tapping into the global markets.

Ssueim announced on June 24 that the new brand has already drawn the attention of people thanks to a good word of mouth.

“Our new brand went viral even before its official launch. Many celebrities have also shown their interest in our products,” a Ssueim official said.

“Marja Kurki Living products will hit the shelves of Finnish department stores after getting an official license there. The brand will also wade into such countries as the United States, Korea, China, and Japan.”

The official said that Marja Kurki Living will focus on tableware, including ceramic dishes and glassware.

Marja Kurki is a Finnish lifestyle brand, which focuses on offering high-quality and minimalistic accessories, including silk scarves, wool ponchos, and leather bags.

Established in 1976, the premium brand has made inroads into global markets. Marja Kurki is named after its founder.

Ssueim is a Seoul-based company, which has rolled out tableware, fabric products, and slippers. It has chalked up a fast growth over the past several years.