Shown above is Korean red ginseng, which is known as an immune booster. Its benefits have been recognized by the health authorities and academia. The virus pandemic prompts a rising number of people to purchase Korean red ginseng products. Photo courtesy of Korea Ginseng Corporation

Virus pandemic highlights positive effects of ginseng

The virus pandemic has changed the world once and for all. And not all the changes are negative _ more and more people are caring about their health and safety.

Against this backdrop, the positive effects of health products and wholesome food have been highlighted by people across the world since COVID-19 caused jitters from early 2020.

One of the beneficiaries of the trend is Korean red ginseng, which has a moniker of “immunity booster” because of its role in enhancing resistance to disease or microbial attacks.

And the results are tangible _ the Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) announced on July 27 that its sales of red ginseng products have jumped over the past year both at home and abroad.

“After the outbreak of COVID-19, a mounting number of Koreans snap up red ginseng products to care for their health and strengthen their immune system,” a KGC official said.

“Korean red ginseng is also shipped to many countries, including the United States, China, Japan, and Europe, to contribute to the health of citizens across the globe.”

In fact, the benefits of Korean red ginseng products have been recognized by the authorities and academia.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety officially acknowledged its health functionality, and the Korean government has presented red ginseng products to foreign leaders like Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom.

Prof. Cho Jae-young at Sungkyunkwan University founded out that Korean red ginseng helps activate macrophages, which counter virus attack and kill cancerous cells.

Prof. Cho Young-keol at University of Ulsan College of Medicine discovered that long-term intake of red ginseng enables AIDS patients to stay health and survive longer.

Ginseng gets better with age and six years is regarded the best in terms of the amount of such healthful components as saponins. The KGC has also focused on six-year-grown red ginseng products.