Korea's-‘green -chips’-win-global-recognition
Shown above are five green chips of Samsung Electronics. They recently won recognition from the Carbon Trust for their eco-friendly procedures. Photo courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Samsung expands line-up for eco-friendly chips

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics announced on Nov. 22 that five of the firm’s memory products had won global recognition for reducing carbon emissions from the Carbon Trust.

The five products are HBM2E, GDDR6, UFS 3.1, Portable SSD T7, and microSD EVO Select, which recently earned “Reducing CO2” labels from the Carbon Trust. 

The Carbon Trust is an independent organization, which advises businesses on their opportunities in a sustainable, low-carbon world.

The Reducing CO2 label certifies that a product’s carbon emission has decreased.

The tech giant also noted that 20 additional memory products gained carbon footprint certification, and its automotive LED packages received their carbon footprint verification.

The Seoul-based company vowed to further expand its portfolio of eco-conscious “green chips.”

“It is exciting to see our environmentally sustainable efforts receiving global acknowledgments,” Samsung Senior Vice President Jang Seong-dai said.

“We will continue our path towards a sustainable future with ‘greener’ chips enabled by Samsung’s cutting-edge technology.”

Samsung estimated that the volume of carbon emissions reduced from the five products until July 2021 amounts to some 680,000 metric tons of CO2.

That is equivalent to 11.3 million urban tree seedlings grown for 10 years or the greenhouse gas emitted from 149,000 cars driven for one year, according to a Samsung official.

“We have certified five of Samsung’s memory chip products with the CO2 Reducing label and are pleased to bring on board 20 more products with the CO2 Measured label,” Carbon Trust Advisory’s Managing Director Huge Jones said.

“We hope that Samsung’s efforts could spread out to the entire semiconductor industry so that the industry can continue its journey towards a more sustainable future.”

Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones, memory chips, and flat-panel displays.

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