it takes, more recently, longer if the governing bodies of the CDU come together, has also formal reasons: in the past, Angela Merkel reported at the start of the meetings in a personal Union, as Chairman, and the Chancellor, since the Hamburg Congress in December, it is the first office – now her successor Annegret Kramp reported first-Karrenbauer on the interests of the party, Chancellor Merkel is on until later.

But it was not just that you spent in Potsdam, Germany, where the CDU had rented over night for the Executive Board meeting in the Congress hotel am Templiner see, for a very long time with the official part of the Evening. It is the Express wish of the new Chairman Kramp-Karrenbauer, more to be discussed – if in doubt, just times at the expense of the leisurely part. The hotel bar had opened up in the early Morning, at the end everyone could come on his costs (and also because Kramp-karrenbauer as your newly elected Secretary-General Paul Ziemiak should be among the last of the guests have been).

For Kramp-Karrenbauer begins with the Potsdam conference was based on the work as a CDU leader. After the exhausting party Congress in December, where they sat almost against Friedrich Merz, and the politically turbulent year of 2018, not much more happened. Party as Chairman were over the Christmas and new year’s eve reprieve.

Already in the new year exam of the CSU land group, Kramp-karrenbauer returned, however, with your visit in the monastery of Seeon, and now the premium is on the site of the former airship port in Potsdam South. The party boss, however, is of the opinion that you have taken “the momentum” from last year. So the momentum of the regional conferences, in which the CDU revived thanks to the Chairman-three fight between Kramp-Karrenbauer, Merz and Jens Spahn.

More debate wants to Kramp-Karrenbauer in your party and less directions from the top. This includes, for example, that there are in Potsdam, different than at previous exams, a pre-written statement, to be agreed by the party to friends only. This time will be distributed no explanation, but only a two-page working paper with the main points, on which the CDU wants to focus on, and a list of important dates on another page.

economic, safety, 30 years of the fall of the wall – it is 2019, the focus of the CDU, working on the principle program and the elections this year, starting with the European elections in late may, the choice in Bremen, and ten municipal elections and the state elections in Saxony, Brandenburg and Thuringia in the autumn.

a Joint performance with Weber

If there is a message of Potsdam, then it is an unofficial: unity. Thus, the CDU connects flawlessly to the new year’s retreat, the Bavarian sister party, the in the deeply snow-covered Chiemgau. In fact, it want to bring the Union parties together far this year, including the common top candidate at the European election, the CSU politician Manfred Weber, significantly. Weber was in Seeon to be a guest, now he is also in the CDU, and will be nominated on Monday morning by the Board unanimously as the top man.

the head of The EPP group in the European Parliament and Kramp-Karrenbauer, then type in a brief joint press conference – the two understand each other perfectly. Weber was in the last summer, one of the few that were brought to the CSU page as a moderator, as it would almost come to a rupture of the sister parties.

“To the beginning of the year 2019, Germany is a stable country with a functioning polity, political stability and prosperity, which is supported by a continuing economic growth and good shape of the labour market”, – stated in the working paper of the CDU Executive Board. “That is not measured in terms of the developments and debates in Europe and beyond, of course.” According to turbulent, this year could be the Brexit, US President, Donald Trump, and other hard-to-auszurech international actors.

the keyword is stability – that is why the state elections in Eastern Germany are so important for the new CDU leader and her party: the AfD threatened to either square one or could at least make the formation of coalitions nearly impossible. Also for this reason, the issue of the basic pension plays in Potsdam, a large role, from the point of view of the East German election of fighters you could get in order for the citizens points, because of their between the GDR and the FRG shared employment biographies too little pension.

Kramp-Karrenbauer makes a great deal of pressure on the Federal government, including tax relief could you imagine, in addition, the CDU leader is pushing for the complete abolition of the solidarity surcharge in this legislature.

No interest in further debate about Merz

And then there is the eternal issue of refugee policy. This has come up with Kramp-karrenbauer, a “workshop conversation”, in which the CDU on 10. and 11. February want to discuss, according to your words, about “what works and what does not work”. Especially professionals to report – but in what circle, whether public or not, and whether, with the participation of Chancellor Merkel, which was open. “The planning is still running,” she says. In a settlement with Merkel is likely to have some in the party have an interest.

Kramp-Karrenbauer certainly not.

Also in the further debate of the personnel Merz, the party leader has to be visible is no longer of interest. Recently, there had been irritations, after the two had agreed on a kind of consultant for Merz. Kramp-Karrenbauer said on Sunday evening in the Board of Directors of the talks, word reports, there was Reportedly no. Even some of the previous Fan of Merz from the body is increasingly annoyed by its behavior since the party Congress.

Kramp-Karrenbauer said at the closing press conference only a sentence to the topic: It should be questions in the exam, only to “political property and not a person alien”.

harmony ridge.

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