KRC CEO Koo Chang-hwan, right, shakes hands with The Korea News Plus publisher Kim Tae-gyu after signing a memorandum of understanding on bilateral partnership.

Two sides to offer articles on K-pop group ranking

The Korea Reputation Center (KRC) and The Korea News Plus will work together to offer news articles about the rankings of K-pop boy and girl bands every month.

The two outfits recently signed a memorandum of understanding to produce the articles midway through each month.

The KRC collects hundreds of millions of pieces of data to evaluate the brand power of the country’s most prominent K-pop groups.

It compiles related information including media attention, comments on social networking sites, and people’s interest to come up with the brand index for boy and girl bands.

The brand index is composed of four categories – the participation, media activity, communication and community indices.

The KRC, which has a competitive edge in collecting and analyzing big data, produces Korean-language articles on the monthly brand index while The Korea News Plus will publish English-language ones.

The Korea News Plus is a fast-growing international news media, which particularly focuses on Korean news.

In addition to the articles, the two sides agreed to expand collaboration in various areas to seek out new business models.

KRC CEO Koo Chang-hwan expressed great hope about the partnership.

K-pop groups are gaining worldwide popularity. We will strive to let the world know how the groups are doing every month based on big data analyses,” Koo said.

The Korea News Plus publisher Kim Tae-gyu also welcomed the collaboration.

We will provide more articles on K-pop stars based on a win-win partnership with the KRC. I hope the two sides will help more K-pop stars win recognition outside the country.”

The publisher studied Korean history in Seoul and management of business administration in the United Kingdom. He has 20-year experiences in the media business. Kim can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.