KT&G Indonesia chief Kwon Min-sug, right, poses with Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management Chairman Doni Monardo on May 5. Photo courtesy of KT&G

Korean outfit helps Indonesia deal with virus

KT&G, South Korea’s leading tobacco brand, has donated diagnostic kits to the Indonesian government to help the country topple the novel COVID-19 coronavirus.

KT&G said on May 6 that the outfit had offered the test kits worth around 100 million won ($80,000) this week. The Daejeon-based company said that the diagnostic reagents can test around 6,300 people.

Indonesia struggles to secure sufficient equipment to grapple with COVID-19, including protective clothing and detection kits,” a KT&G official said.

As a company, which runs factories in Indonesia, we feel obliged to take social responsibility by helping the country deal with the ongoing crisis.”

The company managed to procure made-in-Korea assay kits, which are popular across the world thanks to its good quality, last month so as to ship them to Indonesia.

When Indonesia was hit by an earthquake in 2018, KT&G stepped forward to offer helping hands. Besides, we have carried out various corporate social responsibility programs there,” KT&G said in a statement.

We hope that our efforts would be helpful to people of Indonesia, the country that has maintained a good relationship with South Korea for a long time.”

KT&G also tried to support the South Korean government’s fight against the pandemic by donating funds and ginseng products, which are made by its affiliate KGC.

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