KT&G Vice President Lee Sang-hak, third from the right, and Busan Metropolitan City Deputy Mayor Kim Yoon-il, third from the left, pose after agreeing to cooperate in nurturing young talents and help their development in Busan on Jan. 14. Photo courtesy of KT&G

Tobacco company signs agreement with Busan city

South Korea’s leading tobacco manufacturer KT&G announced on Jan. 17 that the company had agreed to cooperate with Busan city for the “World-Class 10-Year Project.”

Toward that end, the company signed a memorandum of understanding with the port city government last week.

The project is geared toward discovering and fostering young people in Busan to become help them become global leaders.

It is about applicants from three fields of culture-arts, professionals, and issue leaders with the goal of supporting their capacity development for three years per annum until 2030.

Under the bilateral pact, KT&G is scheduled to support youth talent improvement and offer consulting services, as well as develop selected talents’ capacity.

“T&G has opened the ‘Sangsangmadang Busan’ to support the growth of young people in Busan,” said Shim Jae-young, director of the social contribution department at KT&G. 

“With the World-Class 10-Year Project,’ we will actively support Sangsangmadang Busan to become a gateway to becoming a youth talent in the region.”

In the meantime, KT&G noted that it had been operating the ‘Sangsang Start-up Camp’ since 2017, a program designed to help young entrepreneurs grow.

This year, a total of six companies have been operating, and up until now, the program has produced 97 new business teams and 745 new job creation teams and increased sales by approximately 20 million won.

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