KT&G Executive Vice President Lee Sang-hak, left, shakes hands with Unification Culture Research Institute Chairman Ra Jong-eok after agreeing to establish a Korean language school in Kazakhstan at the KT&G head office in Seoul on Oct. 26. Photo courtesy of KT&G

Korean firm will cooperate with the Institute for Unification and Culture

South Korea’s KT&G announced on Oct. 26 that it had signed a memorandum of understanding with the Institute for Unification and Culture to create a Korean language school in Kazakhstan.

Based on the agreement, the two organizations plan to open the ‘KT&G Korean Language School’ in Almaty, Kazakhstan, next March and take part in renewing the language school, such as program planning and local publicity.

KT&G plans to contribute to Korean language education and spread the Korean Wave culture to local Koreans and Kazakhs by building a Korean language school.

In Kazakhstan, more than 100,000 descendants of Koreans who had to move by force from Primorye to Central Asia in 1937 live in Kazakhstan. 

Lee Sang-hak, head of KT&G’s Sustainability Management Division, said, “KT&G has been running the Korean language school in Indonesia since 2014 in order to spread the Korean Wave culture as well as Korean language education. We will try our best to make it happen.”

This is not the first time for the Korean tobacco maker to found a Korean language school in overseas countries.

The Seoul-based company established one in Indonesia in 2014 for cultural exchange between Korea and Indonesia and has provided education to about 2,400 students up until now.

In addition, KT&G established Sangsang University in Indonesia in 2017, aimed at growing Korean culture by providing cultural arts experiences and activities for local university students.

KT&G is headed by President Baek Bok-in.