Shown above is a bird’s eye view of the Kumho Eoullim apartment complex in Daegu, which will be built by Kumho Engineering & Construction. Photo courtesy of Kumho E&C

Contracts of Kumho’s apartments will start next week

Kumho Engineering and Construction (E&C) said that its new apartment complex in Daegu is on the market with the signing of the contracts scheduled to start on March 23 to continue for three days.

The large-sized apartment complex, which is 28 stories high with two basement floors, will be composed of 433 units. Among them, 270 homes are put up for sales.

The complex, named the “Kumho Eoulim Eduliver,” is located close to the Daebong-Bridge station in Daegu, approximately 240 kilometers southeast of Seoul.

The area is near the famous educational infrastructure of Daegu, which embraces kindergartens, elementary and high schools as well as universities. That is why the complex has “Edu” in its moniker.

The size of its units ranges from 59 square meters to 84 square meters, which Kumho E&C says are favored by most Korean people.

As a result, up to 1,684 people applied to purchase the 270 units so that the competition rate was higher than nine to one.

“The Daegu complex will be equipped with various convenience facilities, including a fitness center, rest areas, and a childcare center,” a Kumho E&C representative said.

“People will be able to move into the complex beginning in August 2023.”

Kumho E&C is one of the leading builders of Korea. It is currently headed by CEO Seo Jae-hwan, an expert in finance. He took charge of the contractor midway through 2016.