In Berlin will begin today (11.30 am) the collective bargaining for the public service in the Federal States and the head of the trade Union Verdi, Frank Bsirske, makes already a lot of pressure. The negotiators of the countries of Berlin, the SPD Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz, pointed out, however, that the countries have to save.

workers represented by the Verdi and the civil servants Union dbb, calls for six percent more pay, but at least an increase of 200 euros per month. Union boss Bsirske said the editorial network Germany: “We need to keep following the development in the private sector and in the industries as a whole, where we have seen in the last year, average wage increases of about three percent.” It is going to reduce the size of the gap to the wage development in the economy as a whole. The competition for qualified young professionals and skilled workers is large.

countries refer to the debt brake

according to Experience, get as many citizens to feel the labor dispute in the public service. Prior to the recent completion of two years of Strikes had disrupted, among other things, the operation of the school in many Parts of Germany, massive. Also day-care centres and road maintenance depots remained closed. Before the current conflict dbb-chief Ulrich Silberbach had already threatened with work stoppages “for example, in tax administrations and tax offices”.

Despite the threat of Strikes Kollatz said as a representative of the collective community of the Länder (TdL) with the “Handelsblatt”: “The Payment race with the private sector, we will not be able to win.” The countries would have to convince the “qualitative characteristics”. The public service was better in the case of part-time work, Pay equity between women and men, compatibility of family and work and in the home office. In spite of the currently high tax revenue, the scope of Distribution were limited. Berlin was charged with 58 billion euros of debt, the countries as a whole, there were 572 billion euros. And by 2020 the debt-to-applied brake in the countries.

Frank Bsirske

the negotiations around 3.3 million people are affected, is Negotiating for a Million employees in the countries of Hesse, the results of separate negotiations. However, the conclusion could be transmitted as usual to the some 2.3 million civil servants and pensioners.


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