due to the part-time trap: The majority of women who do not work full-time, are voluntary in this Situation and very happy with it. This is the result of a representative, an unpublished survey of the DELTA-Institute for Social and environmental research on behalf of the Federal Ministry for family Affairs, which is before the MIRROR.

to 85 percent of the approximately 2000 respondents part-time employed women found it accordingly, “super” in part-time, 75 per cent said that currently, “no way,” full-time work. 60 percent indicated that, if possible, to retirement in part-time work.

“The results are alarming,” says study author Carsten Wippermann, “because many of these women voluntarily and permanently in the financial dependence of their Partners.”

About the consequences of the most are aware, 68 percent of all part-time employees are women, it’s sure to be able to from their own pension later in life. 25 percent say that they are concerned with their pension, because they depressed the theme.

After all: In ten years, the majority of women working part time want to increase their number of hours; thus, women in part-time work, according to the survey, an average of 21.5 hours per week.

In Germany, about half of the employed women between 30 and 54 years, part-time, such as from other surveys. Starting next year, many workers have for the first time the right to Bridge a part – time on a temporary reduction in your hours a week. Also the possibilities to go from a pre-existing part-time work back to full-time, have been improved with the new regulation.

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Overall, a gap between desire and reality in the working hours for women as with many men in Germany often apart, a study shows. Almost half of employees want to shorten their weekly working time by an average of nine hours; this applies especially to people with full-time jobs.

want to spend How much time people in your workplace, the study found that in women significantly more than men, in what stage of life you are in and what requirements are associated with it, whether you care, for example children or elderly relatives. (Read more about it here.)

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