The Green in the crisis of a reason for a loss of confidence of the population in the state. “The years of mismanagement and politically-based failure does not trigger for millions of people every day, the feeling that we have in this country something works fundamentally,” said the group Chairman of the Greens in the Bundestag, Katrin Göring-Eckardt, the MIRROR.

that’s Why she calls: “Every city with over 100,000 inhabitants should have a right to a long-distance transport, at least once in the hour.”

The new ICE line from Berlin to Munich is great for a lot of people in both cities. The simultaneous end of more and more regional connections mean a Problem for people everywhere in Germany.

“There are cities such as Chemnitz, which are completely decoupled from the long-distance transport. It is neither ICE, IC or EC to. There are a number of large cities, such as Trier, Krefeld, and Magdeburg, which are connected symbolically. Since there is only one long-distance train per day,” said Goering-Eckardt drives sometimes. The increasing the Problem of unequal conditions of life, damage to the social cohesion and trust in the state.

party seeks to blame the Federal government

on Tuesday, the Greens were charged with the responsibility for the problems of the German railway, especially the Federal government. According to Matthias Gastel, railway policy speaker of the Greens, have failed the government, reduce distortions of competition, to expand the rail network and to shift transport from road to Rail.

“The train belonged to the Federal government, and it is the duty of the Federal government to ensure that the train runs again reliably for all citizens,” explains Goering-Eckardt. The Grand coalition should stop funding expensive road-building projects, as long as broken roads, bridges and rails would have to be renovated.

On this Tuesday, chief Richard Lutz, and the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer, met at the Ministry of transport-railway, to discuss the crisis in the railway. There was plenty of need for discussion and the atmosphere was rather icy.

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