The state Parliament in Brandenburg, has elected the novelist Juli Zeh (“people”) to the judge of the constitutional court. The 44-year-old doctorate in law had been proposed by the SPD parliamentary group and received a 71 out of 86 votes cast.

For your candidate, the AfD group’s proposed lawyer Victoria Tuschik, voted 13 members; two abstained. Toe was not present at the election.

Currently, six of the nine volunteer positions are filled, because six judges retiring in the next few months. The country’s constitutional court in the state of Brandenburg consists of the President, the Vice President and seven constitutional judges and judges. The panel is one third professional judges, graduate lawyers and members without legal training, it shall meet once in a month.

It is not unusual for an artist to have as a judge at the Brandenburg constitutional court. The film Director Andreas Dresen, is still up to 2022, from 1999 to 2009, the painter Florian Havemann was Not a lawyer on the Board. Members are elected for a period of ten years, re-election is possible.

Juli Zeh expressed repeatedly in the past politically. It is as an animal welfare Ambassador for the Foundation “Four paws” and in 2017, joined the SPD.


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