It is a key moment: With the gentle robot “Chang’e 4 sit” in the Aitken crater, near the moon’s South pole, has shown China to the world, of which scientists and engineers of the country are capable of. Finally, it is never managed a space vehicle to land on the far side of the moon.

The Chinese media are full of praise, the Rest of the world looks on with awe. And actually, the leaders in Beijing must be proud of that. That the landing is proceeding smoothly, was not self-evident.

Stoically and systematically the Chinese have prepared for your success. First, you could research probes to orbit the moon. After this had worked, was sent five years ago, “Chang’e 3” a land robot to erdzugewandten page, the even had a small lunar Rover called “Yutu”.

The Mission to the far side of the moon is the next logical step. This, too, is meticulously prepared. So China had placed in the past year, the communications satellite “Queqiao” in the vicinity of the moon, this can now derive the signals of “Chang’e 4”. In the coming years, the Chinese will try and rock samples to collect, transport them to earth to be recovered and, then, also human to the moon’s surface.

Video DPA/ CNSA/ Xinhua

the landing of The probe “Chang’e 4” and the moon program of the Chinese are not but, therefore, a key moment, because from a scientific point of view, something New is tried: First images of the moon back has sent the Soviet probe “Lunik 3” already in the year 1959 to the earth. Almost exactly 50 years ago for the first time people can experience in the American Mission “Apollo 8” this look with your own eyes. Material samples from the moon are already in use for decades in underground laboratories, collected by American astronauts and Soviet robots in the “Luna”program.

And, not to forget: In the framework of the “Apollo”program, have left at least twelve astronauts of their footprints in the moon dust. All of a half-century ago. A half-century, after the Successes achieved very little to the exploration of the moon took care of that.

The Americans, the Europeans, they could show all of this, what the Chinese are on the moon. But you don’t do it. China benefits. Because in addition to the scientific outcomes of missions such as “Chang’e 4” in front of the first-class propaganda images. And that’s what a moon landing, at least as much as to science: Any of the moon landing is a Demonstration of technological. That was in the “Apollo” so, this is now no different.


In this case, however, and it is therefore also a key moment, it’s not just about technology but about ideology. The success of “Chang’e 4” is also something like a visiting card for the political System of China, which was distributed with the landing on the moon in the world. The message from Beijing: Behold, such successes are not achieved in such a short period of time, in democratic systems, and respect of human rights. It can be reached only, if one manages projects and processes in a consistent manner from the top and pretending to be.

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The opposite of consistent approach to show the existing key players in the space industry, the US, Russia and Europe. Tedious you need to persuade governments of the necessary Budget for space missions. Should parliamentarians be persuaded by the sense of scientific missions. Money just for demonstrations of Power would provide in these societies. And so it is that Nasa, Esa and Roscosmos to watch with his mouth open, what the Chinese are floating in space. Although you techno look at it, in a purely logical way, also can.

It is turning, there are similarities to the Mobility. The consistent change to electric or hydrogen mobility would probably also be accomplished by Western manufacturers and countries. However, while the traditional industry still can not time on a common Standard for the charging connector, let alone the Nations on binding legal framework for the promotion, some, presses the government in Beijing change.

in this respect, the landing of “Chang’e 4 could be” in a hundred years, in the hindsight of the 21st century. Century are actually seen as one of the key moments in which China has shown what is possible if you just.

More courage and determination might also be worth looking for the old warriors of the space. In order to show that similar successes can also be in democratic systems. But also from quite selfish motives: Spectacular space projects, for example, on the moon, may just inspire young people to be science and technology. This, in turn, could be a aspect in the fight against the shortage of skilled workers, the industry complains everywhere. Also, perhaps technology would be created or further developed, the people will also bring Benefits in everyday life.

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Perhaps the European and American projects would be an advantage, would in the case of such projects, creative technical solutions, if the Involved parties trust to tell your opinion openly. If you dare to doubt. If you can be sure that the better Argument wins. And if it’s not a political leader decides everything.

ideas for exciting moon projects there are: the international “Moon Village”, for the Jan Wörner, head of the European space Agency, Esa, for years, advertises. The “Lunar Orbital Gateway”, a space station in moon orbit, to bring the Americans together with partners on the way. And a number of private missions to the moon, the want to do with the money of private investors to the Transport of cargo to the moon to the business model. The group Problem in Berlin.

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