Oh, a new game! – Oh, it’s a huge Download… If gamers think that a new game in the hands, is a joy more and more often while unpacking. If it turns out that the game Disc contains only a part of the work, and the Rest still need to be downloaded.

For Frederike, who lives in Hessen, and no quick Internet means that often is Played only on the next day, when the Download is finally completed.

many players know, just in Germany. Many places are insufficiently supplied with fast web. In the country and in the province, but also in big cities there are areas where players need to several hours – sometimes even days – waiting to a of a Download-dependent game start.

Surprise: 50-Gigabyte-Download

As the Multiplayer role-playing game “Fallout 76” came on the market, knew probably all of the buyers that it is an Online game. It is not clear to many but that you must also download as a buyer, the disk-Version only once, 50 gigabytes, to be able to have the game begin at all. Within a week a further 50 gigabytes were added through Updates. Also those giant Updates nervous player, especially for big titles, huge Online Updates are now the rule rather than the exception.

“Fallout 76”

With its Playstation 4 games he never actually online, reported to us, a Gamer by the name of Marcel, who lives in the floodplain in the vicinity of Hanover. If he goes over the net against other compete, on the PC, says Marcel, always the but also: “I play ‘Counter-Strike’, but can gamble only during the day, online, because the Internet is in the evening, too bad.”

on his PC, an Update of the “only” one Gigabyte , leave the computer over night, tells Marcel is loaded with a Download speed of 300 kilobits per second. The Playstation 4 needs an Update, he brings you on the weekend to his girlfriend – who has better Internet.

Similar problems, such as Marcel Maximilian. He lives in Bielefeld, has to live in his rent but with a maximum of six megabits per second. Games purchased on Disc, he can no longer update to the part, he says: “I Wanted to update ‘Final Fantasy 15’, would take the process several days.”

The Internet connection of the break when it was overloaded, says Maximilian. Therefore, he prefers to take the Version on the Disc, without the Updates of the manufacturer. It is often the case that such Updates are available, although the game itself is only just appeared. In appearance-version of the games are “often so flawed that it is frustrating,” says Maximilian.


used less Download

prior to that, held recently, “Spyro: Reignited Trilogy” in the hands, a Remake of the three “Spyro”Games that appeared on the first Playstation. The original games had to really be ready, if you were in a Store, and Patches via the Internet did not yet exist.

This may have had the disadvantage that the Bugs, broken game remained defective, as long as the manufacturer of the Disc exchanged. It however also had the advantage that the game companies had more pressure to have a game really finished as soon as it was pressed to a Disc.

all The more ironic it seems, that now, of all things, “Spyro: Reignited Trilogy” of Disc-buyers of calls, a good 20 gigabytes of data to download. On the Disc is, in fact, contain only the first of three games in their entirety. A large part of the other two games must be from the Internet pulled – the manufacturer assumes, apparently, that users have quick network.

games boxes without Disc

games with Internet functionality will have to be updated regularly with Patches. Most of the Games are blocking their Online modes, and even, until all required data are downloaded – thus, all the players are on the same level.

In the case of PC Games players are even more dependent on the Internet than on the console. Sometimes, the boxes of PC contain no Discs, just Download the Codes then need to be on platforms like Steam redeemable Games. Then 60 to 80 gigabytes, are often download.

“A game like ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ I have not bought me at all,” says Marcel. Why? The Shooter no longer exist for the PC Disc version. Only for Download. But without fast Internet? Then rather not at all.

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