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The price differences between the old and new länder have decreased in the last twelve months by around 40 percent. This is the result of a major analysis of the comparison portal Verivox. Which state has benefited the most from the current price decline, the Verivox electricity price Atlas, the FOCUS Online is exclusive.


electricity prices nationwide

In the last 12 months of electricity prices for a three – to four-family with a consumption of 4000 kilowatt hours in the new länder of 3.6 percent (42 Euro), yielded the strongest in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to 6.5 percent (77 euros).

But also consumers in West Germany can buy their electricity for less today than a year ago. The prices here have fallen by an average of 2 percent (23 Euro). FOCUS ONLINE electricity price COMPARISON electricity and save money?Easily the best supplier, gas price comparison, find compare gas supplier and cheapest rate find

According to Verivox consumer price index a family paid in the new länder today, on average, 1129 Euro per year for electricity and only about 28 Euro more than a comparable family in the old länder. In October 2017, the difference was 47 euros and was therefore around two-thirds higher than it is today.

power-up in Bremen at the most favorable

Even if the electricity prices in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the most fallen, the cheapest electricity in October in Bremen, such as the current state map of Verivox shows:


Thus, a family in Bremen pays only 1012 euros in the year.

Hamburg pays the highest prices

In Hamburg, consumers pay, on average, 1159 Euro, and thus the highest electricity prices in the whole of Germany. Comparatively expensive electricity is in the state of Brandenburg (1158 euros) and Berlin (1141 Euro).

“One cause for the electricity price differences are geographically differentiated network charges. They make up about a quarter of the price of Electricity and in the new Federal States is much higher than in the old,“ says Mathias Köster Niechziol, energy expert at Verivox. “This year, the network charges have fallen in the new länder, however, stronger than in the old länder”. PDF So you produce your own electricity Our PDF guide shows you how to make your own electricity independent from expensive suppliers.To the PDF guide

The network charges at a consumption of 4000 kWh have fallen in comparison to the year 2017 in the old Federal länder, from an average of 274 euros to 268 euros (net). In the new länder, they have dropped from an average of 339 Euro 302 Euro (net) – six Times as strong.

electricity prices still at a high level

Despite the current relief: The development of prices for electricity in Germany knew in the last ten years, mostly only one direction: upwards. A household today pays about a third more than in 2008.

the annual average values of Verivox:


consumers should not accept more cost –

For consumers, the following applies: network charges apply to all customers in the respective network area, and cannot be bypassed. The more important it is to take care of a cheap electricity tariff. Because even in the same network area the electricity prices differ significantly – depending on the provider and Tariff. Who is the expensive basic service tariff of the local energy supplier, according to the Federal network Agency is still a third of all households – costs of electricity by switching to the cheapest deal with a fair contract conditions, on average, currently around 407 Euro lower. The leader in terms of saving potential of the Berlin 481 Euro.

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