The only way to the most unusual prison in the world these rickety ferry, the rocks in front of me in the water. Here, a good hour’s drive from Oslo, you can see the North-Western side of the ultra-liberal prison island of Bastoy, your pine trees, your rocky shores, the walls.

“watch it, you won’t get wet. The water sometimes comes quickly,“ says a man in a neon yellow rain jacket to me as I enter, perhaps, five-Meter-long ferry. He’s buzzing in the cabin, talking with the captain. His hair is slightly reddish, the tips above gelled. Despite the autumn temperatures, he is wearing short pants. He offers me a coffee, black, counter stretches to me the blue plastic Cup. Shortly thereafter, he comes back with a milk bread velvet chocolate pieces. “Today, All Inclusive on Board,” he laughs. Nice you are, the ferry workers in Norway, I think to myself. FOCUS Online ferry

education and work experience for prisoners

Two hours later. The ten-minute Crossing through the Oslo fjord I’ve survived with just a few splashes of Water. Director Tom Eberhardt has explained to me in his office the philosophy of his prison, His prisoners, to a normal village life without cells, fences, and sharp safety precautions life, in which you can move freely, work in the daytime and in the evening can do what you want.

Just Eberhardt, blonde, receding hairline, three-day beard leads me to the other side of the island. The Church, the culture, the buildings, the Kuhlstall I’ve seen. We are now in the prison carpentry shop. A bridge back to life wants to make Bastoy for the occupants, this includes education and work experience. FOCUS Online 14 countries, 14 Reporter – solutions, which can be for our society as a model

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20 prisoners still go to school, other training, the majority of the 115 prisoners, but works. As a chef, mechanic, farmer, or a carpenter. “This is one of the most popular Jobs here,” says Eberhardt. The hall is lavishly designed, it smells intensely of wood. Then there is a knock at the door. After a second, a familiar face comes in: the red-haired man from the ferry.

He laughs, recognizes me. “Hello, Mr Director,” he says Eberhardt. Crazy. The man wasn’t a ferry employee – he is a prisoner on Bastoy. Lars* with a firm handshake. “This is my Kingdom,” he says and looks around.

Lars, 39 years, is a master carpenter. The training he has done in prison, Halden, which I had visited prior to Bastoy. From a shelf he takes an instrument, puts on the table. It is to be a master carpenter certificate he acquired in a high-security prison in Halden. I remember been there for me, the prison Director told of a prisoner who had learned in Halden and Bastoy the carpentry operates. Standing now in front of me. FOCUS Online The prison Director of Bastoy, Tom Eberhardt, in the carpenter’s workshop

In a drug wanted Lars to kill someone

Lars shows me his works, most of them from cherry, oak or beech wood. A XXL cutting Board. A soft ground of the heart, the Name Jenny is engraved. The 39-Year-old acting self-confident, extremely open-minded. An enthusiastic person. It was not always so. About the time before he went to prison, speaks to Lars. “Outside my whole life around drugs turned,” he says. He then has taken many years and many drugs, and in greater style sold. Lars had slipped, he knows today. The bitter end of the story: at some point he wanted to kill in the armed someone. “I was on drugs, it was drugs. In about ten percent of the fact, I still remember,“ he said. It was a day that changed his life.

To nine and a half years in prison for attempted murder, Lars was sentenced. Eight of them he has. For a long time. “The most Difficult thing is to see when they Visit that my mother is old and my child.” Twelve years of age his daughter is now. Most of what has happened since your fourth birthday, has missed Lars. FOCUS Online Lars’ works

Even if he can see mother, wife and daughter rarely has scooped Lars on Bastoy courage. Since three years he is now on the prison island. “The stay here has changed my life. If you want to make something of your life, you are on Bastoy a Chance.“ Two Jobs in parallel, he assumed this is why, in the carpenter’s workshop, in the shift operation to the ferry that takes from early morning to evening, visitors and staff to the island and back.

Lars is considered to be committed prisoner. With the guards he is on good terms. “We talk all the time together, it feels almost as if we were on an equal footing. So it must be. If a guard doesn’t open itself to you, don’t you want to open yourself to him, too,“ says Lars. Instead, he gave the guards here are already hours of training in Hockey. Ice hockey is his favorite Hobby.

The German penal system is struggling with problems, the Least of the Assaults on the prison staff, piled up in several States. There is a lack of staff who is Sick. On the other hand, the prisons in several provinces are jam-Packed, in Baden-Württemberg, the load was not at 100 percent. This is also a high relapse rate of 48 per cent of the German prisoners criminal is due, as a study shows in the order of the Ministry of justice. Where is it better than in Germany? Experts refer to Norway. The relapse rate there, according to the study: 20 percent. Even in the Norwegian high-security is all about prisons, the rehabilitation of the prisoners. FOCUS Online to saw.

prison-brand Bastoy sells

Pride of the 39-Year-old, but especially to his use for the prison carpentry shop. In the prison Shop, there was, until recently, mainly food, until Lars had an idea. “We so often have visitors here. At some point I thought to myself: Why do we sell to those not of our great wood-products?“ Short hand-the prisoner asked the prison management. Today, the heart (25 Euro) and the cutting boards (100 Euro) are sought after by visitors. The brand Bastoy sells well. “That feels so good,” says Lars proud. “It is as if I would leave something in return Sustainable.” FOCUS Online is The “village square” with the Church

a Few weeks, Lars is still on Bastoy. Then it goes for him in a “Halfway House”, a halfway house for prisoners in the Norwegian justice system is the last step before freedom. During the day Lars will work in the future.

His Re-integration efforts, his work experience and the possibilities of Bastoy, are now – this experience has made the 39-Year-old in the job search. The companies tore themselves formally to the detainee. “It was really easy to find a Job. I had three interviews and got three Commitments.“

Lars is happy about the Chance he gets now. He knows it is his last. “If I come out, something Stupid instead, and again a long time went to prison, then my life would be over someday.”

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