Nearly 1000 Mourners followed on Saturday, almost high summer temperatures of the coffin. The police had partially blocked the driveway.

Among the mourners were also the Ex-world champion Henry Maske, Dariusz Michalczewski, Sven Ottke, Arthur Abraham and Marco Huck. With mask and Michalczewski of 54 years, died Rocchigiani had delivered between 1995 and 2000, for the part of legendary ring battles. Was led the more than 100 meters long funeral procession that led to the graves of the brothers Grimm over from Rocchigianis parents, his brother, Ralf, who was also a world champion, and his oldest daughter. dpa Dariusz Michalczewski to say farewell

Graciano Rocchigiani was on 1. October on a fast road in the direction of Catania, Sicily was hit by a car. Not only in Berlin, popular Boxer with heart and soul ran at night on the high crash barriers limited road and had been hit by a Smart.

Rocchigiani, who was also often in conflict with the law, was as a Boxer with corners and edges. The beautiful mountain-raised fighter earned his Sport of millions, but temporarily Hartz IV, referred to, completed his 48 professional fights, of which he won 41.

FOCUS Online/Wochit Ex-Boxer died as he ran to the foot on the edge of a four-lane highway pw/dpa

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