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After a good half hour is over, this last speech of Angela Merkel as CDU Chairman read. The applause is loud and heartily, for ten minutes. “Thank you Boss”, written on signs held in the air.

Angela Merkel along tigert on the stage, waving at times to the right, to the left. She has moist eyes and swallows. Also, many of the delegates are stirred. The outgoing CDU-Chairman, but has to get up three times because of the applause won’t stop. She turns finally to the edge of the stage and calls out: “We still have a lot of.” Nevertheless, the Christian clapping inside the Christian Democrats and the Democrat for a while.

is Scarce, and unpretentious

So your Era as party leader to the end. “Typical Merkel,” – as you, yourself, twice, in the course of your speech you previously said. Merkel considers it just and unpretentious. She leaves behind no legacy, not a particularly memorable speech that you will cite in years worthy or pathetic. Especially in the beginning as it sounds, as is often the case with Merkel, rather like the speech of a head of Department at a Christmas party: thanks to this, kudos to those. Merkel was never a top speaker. Often a track sounded their speeches on the party days to be academic or pastoral.

However, in the course of her speech, Merkel is more approachable than usual. You accounted for your time as a party boss, quite self-deprecating, quite self-consciously. “With joy in your heart,” as she calls it.

there is No comparison to the other long-standing leaders of your party say goodbye to self-righteousness and Larmoyanz, with the. Think of the “I did my way”Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, or the outgoing CSU leader Horst Seehofer, who is in his final year of all on the nerves. All of these strong men would have used in such a Situation, presumably, to influence the course for the future. They had designated a successor, a favorite heirs named.

Angela Merkel – “The future is us demand everything” In her farewell speech as CDU Chairman, has warned the fight to Angela Merkel on her party in front of the tomb. It is now “time to begin a new Chapter,” said Merkel. © Photo: Odd Andersen/AFP/ advertising and failure to resist trust statements

Angela Merkel is all of the. At most only hinted at what everyone seems to know reveals. Your favorite Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, and not Spahn or even Merz. Twice Merkel praises explicitly – “I’m just saying: the Saarland” – which as Minister-President.

in Particular, Merkel mentioned in her speech, not the contender. But some of the statements can hardly be other than miss statements against Merz trust suggest. The CDU today is a different “as of the year 2000”, as she has taken over the party, says Merkel. The party was “not canned”, should not be too heavily bogged down “in the past”, in the face of new global challenges.

as Merkel their own style of politics explains, it acts as a. Merz as a negative foil in the back of the head You’ve always resisted, “to find quick and easy answers”. You have not seen the world “black-and-white but full of shades”. You have always believed in the “compromise”. Your CDU border, “nobody”, your CDU baiting “never”.

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