Washington has called on Moscow to destroy its cruise missiles of the type 9M729, in order to meet the criteria of the INF Treaty. The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at his new year press conference. Russia submitted to the United States in Geneva on Tuesday “constructive proposals” that would give U.S. experts a clear idea of the medium-range missiles.

to develop, Since 2012, the suspect, the USA, Russia, new medium-range missiles and to build. The 9M729 cruise missiles (Nato designation SS-C-8) should have a range of 2600 miles. 2014 Washington Russia has accused officially of the breach, which denies Moscow. Meanwhile, other Nato countries share the opinion that Russia has equipped two battalions with medium-range weapons, which the Kremlin denied.

Sergei Lavrov

“The United States, but traveled with their prepared Position, which included an Ultimatum and demand that these missiles, the devices launch, and associated equipment under the U.S. must supervision be destroyed,” Lavrov said.

USA: “the Meeting is disappointing,”

calls to the rescue of the Treaty had remained on Tuesday inconclusively, with both sides accused each other for the impending Failure of that agreement.

Andrea Thompson, head of the Department of the US Ministry of foreign Affairs, said after the talks: “The Meeting was disappointing, because it is clear that Russia remains in breach of the contract.” In December, Washington Moscow, had a final deadline of 60 days, until mid-February to return to the provisions of the contract. On Friday, the German travels, foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) talks with Lavrov in Moscow.

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US President, Donald Trump had announced in October the withdrawal of his country from the INF disarmament Treaty. Putin threatened with the development of new nuclear missiles, should implement the United States their announcement. In addition, Russia is presented with the flight body “Avangard” a new hypersonic missile, the missile defense systems break down.

The United States and the Soviet Union had the INF Treaty (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) 1987 closed. This prohibits the construction and ownership of land-based ballistic missiles and cruise missiles with ranges of 500 to 5,500 kilometers. Both States have destroyed up to 1991, more than 2500 medium-range missiles. (Read here, which could mean the end of the INF Treaty for Europe.)

Russia is the words of Sergei Lavrov, according to the cooperation with the United States to the “rescue” of the INF disarmament Treaty. In front of journalists, the foreign Minister called on European countries to help in the negotiations between the two countries.


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