The state of Bavaria sued the VW group due to financial damage caused by around 1000 tampered diesel vehicles in the fleet of the free state to compensation for damages. Already on 31. December had been collected at the regional court of Munich for a declaratory judgement to secure the damages, said a spokesman of the Ministry of Finance.

“For the exact determination of the amount of damages are more surveys in the concerned ministries is necessary, so that the damage can not currently be quantified,” said the spokesman. Without the filing of the claim before the turn of the year the claims have threatened to expire.

Second process between Bayern and VW

It is the second lawsuit submitted by the state in the Wake of the diesel scandal against Volkswagen. 2016 Markus Söder (CSU) announced, at that time still in his role as Finance Minister, a first lawsuit against VW.

at the Time, there was a loss in value of VW shares, after the scandal in September 2015, it was announced. In the meantime, the VW had lost the preference share is more than 40 percent of their value. Bayern held in his billion-dollar funds in September 2015, around 58,000 of the VW preference shares. On the action legally has not been decided yet.


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