Everything as it is – so you could be the Topelf on 14. Round describe. Six of our eleven top players will be repeat offenders. They were already at least once this season, in the team of the day. But there are also Surprises, such as the return of Rafinha or Max Kruse in an unusual Position – but more on that later.

That some players appear constantly among the eleven best players in the country, is closely linked to the nature of the grading. The SPIX-based system is only for use by statistical key figures: passes, dribbling, captured balls. Some players stand out at each of the characteristic values, round for round. So about Herthas defender Jordan Torunarigha. Its nature, as a defender pins in the opponent’s half of unrest, is unique in the League. This gives him an advantage over the competition.

In the case of other players, the thing is simple: Who is involved, such as Thorgan Hazard regularly at the gates of his team, will automatically receive a higher SPIX. Because our grading system is weighted by a factor of: the goals.

After the 1:1 between Hannover and Mainz half football-Germany debated about the video wizard again. Hanover’s Manager Horst Heldt was furious, saw a disadvantage to his team is clear. Whoever listens to his explanations, might think that Hanover would have won without the referee deprivation. Your point profit was mainly due to the outstanding performance of goalkeeper Michael Esser (SPIX: 95). The countless Mainz attacks of the second half ended with the conclusion of the man.

A Derby-the loser in the Eleven of the day? This may sound strange, but is explained with a glance at the statistics quickly. Schalke’s Salif Sané played the second-most passes of all players on the field, can boast more successful Tackles than any other Central defender in this round. In addition to Sané, the Herthaner Jordan Torunarigha defended . He has a run: as early as last week he stood in the Topelf.

Before the season, Bayern had been written off in Munich full-back . almost. To old he was, not more than a replacement for the right set Joshua Kimmich. Now, as coach Niko Kovac, the national team players Kimmich in the midfield-Central transported, Rafinha suddenly a regular player. The Brazilian justifies the confidence with a strong performance, achieved in this round the highest SPIX of the outside defenders (97). The second highest value for the home team Bender (92) won.

“The best midfielder, since I am in Berlin,” ennobled Herthas Coach Pal Dardai his protege Marko Grujic after the 1:0 victory over Eintracht Frankfurt. Praise straight from the horse’s mouth, after all, is Dardai for 22 years at Hertha under the contract. Grujics strong performance against Frankfurt is also statistical evidence of it. He not only scored the winning goal, but was also involved in three other shots on goal.

two outside players huge doors scraping on this round at the best possible SPIX of 100 over. Thorgan Hazard is one of the evergreens of the season; he is already for the fourth Time in the Topelf. He closes to Thiago and Lukasz Piszczek, both of which can also have four nominations. Hope for home Andrej Kramaric it is the second appearance in the Topelf. At home 2 hope:2 against Wolfsburg, the Vice-world champion scored a goal and laying on one.

A new task Werder Bremen’s Max Kruse at the 3:1 win against Fortuna Düsseldorf: The striker was not allowed to be in the front line ran, but ran as a tenner. That the game knows to fill in strong Kruse this role, he proved impressive. He reached the highest SPIX of all offensive midfielder (89). A Surprise is not: Kruse once said about himself that he is not a classic striker, but more of a “floating Nine and a halfs”. Mathematically, only 0.5 to the “floating in the absence of end tens”.

Robert Lewandowski suffers these days, the fate of many great footballers. He has laid in the past few years, the bar for his own performance so high, that his goals unlikely to impress anyone. So this season, all talk of Paco Alcácer, or Luka Jovic (both ten goals this season). But Lewandowski is coming closer to you. Against Nuremberg, he struck twice, his goal of the season eight and nine. Thus, the Pole made the leap into the Topelf. At his side Werder goal-getter Martin Harnik storms .

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