draws against Düsseldorf and accounts, in the Form of press conferences were yesterday. Bayern Munich’s performance on the field again, as the 4:0 win against (an admittedly weak) Hannover type 96 occupied. With the good results, calm returns to the Säbener Strasse again.

Also, our Elf of the week is the record champion is dominating: six of the players are from FC Bayern. Two of them even improved the best brand by our staff, SPIX. This works relative: The SPIX compares the statistical performance of an actor with all the services provided to its Position in the past two years. A SPIX of 75, therefore, means the performance was better than 75% of all the other benefits.

if a player Reaches statistical values, which could reach no other players, SPIX at 100. Two Bayern players arrived at the weekend, this highest possible value is: Joshua Kimmich powdered the best brand in the foreign defenders, improved his own record in the defensive mid-field players. Only one of the Two, however, is in the Topelf of the week – because Thiago was still outbid on the same round from another player. More on this below.

Even the best goalkeeper on the game day scraped with a SPIX from 99 to the 100 mark. This initially appears to be contradictory. Ralf ferryman is one of the best performances of the past two years have provided? The ferryman, for the fault for the only goal in Schalke 1:1 in Augsburg? Yes! Although Fährmanns blunder flows in all its rating, as an “error leading to goal”. The ferryman appears, however, in the same game five Top parades; more than any other Bundesliga goalkeeper this season. This far outweighs the consequences of serious errors.

düsseldorf, Kaan Ayhan (99) began the season with strong performances. Fortunas defense chief stand on the fourth and the sixth round even in our team of the day. But then: blunder, breach, flu. Now he is back and how! He scored both goals in the Fortuna for the 2:0 victory against Freiburg. He met a corner. It Fortunas were first hits the stationary balls this season. The second Central defender of the Topelf is the first Bayern player: Niklas Süle (96) is already for the fourth Time in the Eleven of the day.

On the defensive Position of Bavaria Stars outdo each other: David Alaba is a beautiful shot managed in the angle. He comes so close to Joshua Kimmich : a goal, an Assist, and a higher value in the category of ball conquest (88) Alaba (34). If the outside defenders this is weighted particularly high. Therefore, Alaba reached “only” a SPIX of 99, while Kimmich comes to the best value of 100.

the best 100-value Thiago reached. But he must wait for his fifth nomination for the Eleven of the day. Because hope’s home Kerem Demirbay surpassed Bayern’s playmaker. Nine shots on goal of his team colleagues, he prepared at the 0:0 against Gladbach, seven of which were delivered from close to the gate. At the end of it no goal resulted, because of the weak chance of recovery of his colleagues, so can not be Demirbay.

The External include again the sole record champion. Serge Gnabry showed against Hannover in a strong performance, scored the goal for the interim 3:0. Be SPIX (98) is not, however, approach to those of Kingsley Coman (99). The Frenchman can have no Torbeteiligung, he excelled with five successful dribbles. Comans dribble thickness (98) weighted the SPIX’s high, and finally, Tricks and feints belong to the classic Repertoire of a good foreign player.

Thomas Müller has not an easy season. After a botched world Cup and a mediocre season, more and more critics came forward to speak. Currently, he writes again with benefits headlines and not with Instagram Posts of his wife. For the first time since the second round that he was back in the Eleven of the week.

Also, Mario Gomez had to leave in the past few weeks a lot of criticism. For over two months, the striker was waiting for a hit. In Stuttgart’s 2:1 win against Hertha BSC, he met twice, SPIX: 94. The place in the Topelf two Leipzig away: Timo Werner (99) Yussuf Poulsen (97) take him, however. Both met at Leipzig’s 4:1 victory over Mainz, respectively, twice and also prepared a hit of the colleagues. If you meet on Wednesday? Then it goes against the Bavarians. It remains to be seen whether, after this game, again, six Munich in the team of the day.

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