statistics can help, subjective feelings objectively. This also applies to our SPIX, our grading system, based exclusively on data. In the ideal case, the Numbers support exactly what you have visible to the naked eye seen.

for example, the list of the players who were most frequently in the SPIX-based team of the day reads like an All-Star team in the League: Niklas Süle, Joshua Kimmich, Lukas Piszczek, Thiago, Jadon Sancho, and Thorgan Hazard were all nominated four times already. Everyone with some football knowledge to recognize the class of these players.

Sometimes the SPIX flushes, but also players in the Topelf, which are otherwise rather away from the limelight. He then puts the view on the player, whose services are not visible to the naked eye – so-easy-but doing important work for your Team. This is exactly on the 16. Round of the football League happened. No wonder: The BVB suffered their first season defeat, Bayern played with their 1:0 victory against Leipzig. So nine players celebrate at the world Cup Topelf debut this season.

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In the gate an old Acquaintance: Yann Sommer , by contrast, succeeded for the third Time, the jump in the Topelf, best value among the goalkeepers. He owes primarily to his hands, but his feet. In a 2:0 success of his company against Nürnberg 95 per cent of his passes reached teammates, five of his six long balls landed at the feet of a team-mate – outstanding values for a goalkeeper. Two parades of the most difficult categories to lead to a perfect performance.

The choice of interior defenders shows just how different this Position can be interpreted. Gladbach’s Louis Beyer was particularly impressed by the defender’s discipline “defense strength” (value: 89). Below this value, actions such as the Blocking of a shot or the heads of the edges – so everything a defender in and around the own penalty area does fall. Werder Bremen’s Sebastian Langkamp is, however, due to its high value in the area of “winning the Ball” in the Topelf (98). For this purpose, the Intercept passes and Steal the ball from the feet of the opponent, so actions that happen to be usually rather outside the penalty area.

the two best points on the exterior the defender of the week, especially in the category of “winning the Ball”. Schalke’s Bastian Oczipka (93) can show even a little better than Wolfsburg’s William (82). Both are in the team of the day, is also at the low basic level on this Position: In this round the defender cracked not the outside, of a SPIX of 90. Last weekend, this was still five outside defenders.

Pirmin Schwegler could write a first Hand book on how the coaching system in Germany has changed. Christoph Daum, Ottmar Hitzfeld, Armin Veh, Bruno Labbadia, Julian nail man: This is an incomplete list of his Instructors. Currently, he serves at Hannover 96, as André width rider’s extended Arm on the court. At 1:1 in Freiburg, he impressed with his passports: 86 percent of his Touches came, three led to opportunities, initiated the 1:1 equaliser.

düsseldorf Jean rooms and recalls the Jadon Sancho to interpret the external position is completely different. A: defensively, diligently, discreetly, with targeted initiatives forward. The Others: always with the Ball, always in the Dribbling! Both were convinced by meeting direct to each other; the room has scored a goal succeeded, Sancho Dortmund’s first goal, a headed for the 2:1. Both are in the Topelf. However, only the room must be pleased with the three points his team.

Leonardo please courts nomination for the team of the day is quickly explained: it will be the only hit for his Team succeeded in the hope Heimer 1:1 in Bremen. He also benefited from a fairly low base level at its Position. Not a single attacking midfielder reached this round a value beyond the 90.

The 2:2 between Mainz and Frankfurt, a double pack managed two strikers. The Mainz Robin Qaison , Eintracht Frankfurt, Luka Jovic, according to drew. The Frankfurt scored the goal of the season eleven and twelve, together with Paco Alcácer at the top of the scorer list. On his fourth deployment in the Topelf he must wait, however: Wolfsburg’s striker Wout Weghorst over, pushed the Serbs. He owes his goal to Wolfsburg 2:0, and his – Surprise! – Dribbling strength. The little filigree box, the striker won two dribbles and pulled out two free-kicks for his Team.

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