Peter Bosz is not necessarily known as a master of defensive football. Dortmund Fans will remember with horror how defensively porous was the tactics of the Dutchman. The Ball in the midfield conquer, two clean passes to play, and the opponent is standing free in front of goal. For Bosz, there was only the game forward.

Bosz is now working in Leverkusen. On his debut against Borussia Mönchengladbach quickly showed He has not changed his System. Bayer to handle the opponent permanently advanced far, played with risk and passion and lost at the end of 0:1.

The more a glance at the Eleven of the week surprised. Three Leverkusen defenders are in the Topelf, and also the fourth member of the back four, left-back Wendell, scored a high SPIX-value (82). First and foremost, this is due to the strong pass values of the defenders. This should boost Bosz’ System of the game out of their own half.

What is the SPIX? MIRROR ONLINE has developed an Instrument to evaluate the performance of footballers beyond personal impressions: the SPIX. It is based solely on game data. In the calculation of the individual performance as well as that of his team. The special feature: The SPIX’s not recognized in the data, he evaluated their relevance and quality. Details of the model can be found here:New game notes at SPIEGEL ONLINE: the Measurement of The Bundesliga

But also in the defenders disciplines, winning the Ball, and the defensive strength of the Leverkusen defenders from a statistical point of view. In fact, Leverkusen’s player counter, could hardly, they defended much a sovereign as Bosz’ defensively porous Dortmund. Maybe it could be something with Peter Bosz and the Bundesliga.

That Bayer Leverkusen lost at the end, was in the first line of the Gladbach Keeper Yann Sommer . Six parades of the highest category, the Swiss, and two difficult, and two medium-sized parades. This is the highest value in this season and gives a flawless SPIX of 100.

The interior defense is solid in Leverkusen’s hands. Sven Bender (95) Jonathan Tah (94) was impressed not only by the structure of the game. They also stopped several counter-attempts to Gladbach. Tah began four enemy passes, Bender three. Bender scored slightly higher values than his colleague, because he also went on the offensive in appearance: Two shots he made, with a head to the ball he forced the summer for a Parade.

Bender (92) is the third of Leverkusen’s defenders, the leap into the Topelf. The unfamiliar role of Right-back, he filled in strongly, which is reflected in the nine conquered the second balls. Bayern Munich’s David Alaba (93) is mainly due to its strong pass values in the Eleven of the week. For him, only the fact that 49 of his 55 Touches arrived to a teammate does not speak. He also prepared the interim 2:0.

Since his move from Dortmund to Bremen Nuri Sahin (94) shuttling between the bench and starting lineup. So he was arrived in Bremen so far. In the 1:0 success against Hannover 96, his best performance so far in Werder Dress, he managed to – at least, the SPIX. Just defensively, he impressed with three intercepted passes and nine conquered the second balls.

Déjà vu, Thomas Muller : On the first round, he managed at a 3:1 win against Hoffenheim, the jump in the Topelf. To the rear round kick-off, Bayern won 3:1 and Thomas Müller (97) is once again in the Topelf. In the first half of the season, he was still acting as an attacking midfielder. Currently he is as a winger. Also in the Topelf Schalke’s double goalscorer Daniel Caligiuri (96).

It was the weekend of the attacking midfield players: seven players scored at this Position, a SPIX of 90 or higher. Although Leon Goretzka (99) and Ondrej Duda (97) met twice, deserves the place in the sun a Stuttgart-based Nicolás González (100) came in at the break the score was 0:2, scored later in the match to 1:3 and had four more Torgelegenheiten. His contribution to the 2:3-catching up the SPIX rewarded.

Even in the storm there is a little Déjà-vu: Milot Rashica (95) as already on the first round of the season in the Topelf. In the case of Bremen’s 1:0 success against Hannover 96 the Kosovars scored the winning goal. He substantiated his claims for a regular place in Bremen, Germany. Robert Lewandowski (94) do not need to fear for his place in Bayern’s first Eleven. He scored against Hoffenheim with his eleventh goal of the season.

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