It took only a few days, as the Federal criminal police office was able to present a alleged perpetrators: John S., a 20-year-old student from Hessen, is suspected to have in December, about 1,000 politicians and celebrities on the Internet exposed. He published, therefore, mobile phone numbers and home addresses, in part, intimate Chats, Emails, photos, passport copies and Bank account data. Doxing is called this procedure.

investigators were in the first assessments, “no dominant political motive” behind the Goings-on of the one who in the network “0rbit” and “G0d” and his youth room slammed called. But SPIEGEL research shows that the act could have been political, as was initially suspected. To similar findings, the “Badische Zeitung”.

John S. moved, a lot of circumstantial evidence, in a right-hand to the extreme right subculture in the network. The influence of YouTuber rich despise the propaganda videos they are very much influenced with people of the world view of young people.

One of these channels, The Vulgar analysis is””. The uploaded Videos show, for example, as a Koran is burned, and pork or as him urinating is grilled. “The Vulgar analysis,” delivered perhaps the Hacker, John S., the templates, which he then spread itself Islamophobic Propaganda in the network. Under the name of “r00taccess”, attributed to his Account, see, for example: “islam is filth”.

click here to read the full story on MIRROR+ Youtube YouTube-channel “The Vulgar analysis”, The Hetzer behind the hack

it is noticeable, moreover, that “The Vulgar analysis” was agitating against many of the personalities, whose data John p. later, into the net. To pull also, the method of political thinking “in Public and humiliating – in front of the world”, promoted “Vulgar”. Exactly John S. has implemented according to the findings of the investigators later. Other Youtubers also report, p. I, before all of the “Vulgar analysis” affect.

According to SPIEGEL information, is behind the Hetz-channel, apparently a young musician from North Rhine-Westphalia, was determined against in the past due to insult and injury.

Even if the investigators are able to identify an accomplice of John S., one must ask the question, whether there were ideas or Hetzer, mentors in the Background. The Stuttgart public Prosecutor and the state security to detect, in the meantime, because of the “Vulgar analysis”, amongst other things, to sedition. Also the protection of the Constitution has become on the Videos.


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