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The French Finance Ministry is preparing the British to escape without agreement from the EU. The Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Friday, in the BBC radio. The exit of the contract could not be broken up, said Le Maire. You could offer the Prime Minister Theresa May, nothing more. An unregulated Brexit would be catastrophic for the UK.

Also, in addition to agreements in the fields of aviation and logistics, to facilitate the exit process in the case of an unregulated Brexit, for France is not possible. “You can’t get out of the EU and all the benefits of the single market,” said Le Maire. “This is a clear red line for France.” Also, the Italian Finance Ministry had announced on Thursday that a No-Deal-Brexit prepare.

Next Tuesday a new vote in the British Parliament to stand up to the exit from the European Union. The British Chancellor of the exchequer-Philip Hammond does not expect, however, that this will be the “High Noon” – the Moment of decision – in the Brexit debate.


Queen Elizabeth II urged in view of the upcoming debate, to resolve all disputes amicably. On “the search for new answers in the modern era” prefer “to talk tried and tested recipes”: well, one above the other, to respect different points of view, commonalities “and to never lose the bigger picture from the eye”. The 92-Year-old the word “Brexit” not in the mouth. British media interpreted their speech, nevertheless, as a clear message to policy-makers. The “Times” headlines: “Queen of the war, leading politicians: Stop the Brexit-feud.”

Michel Barnier, the Brexit-the chief negotiators of the European Union, had previously shown ready for the renegotiation with the UK. However, the British would have to move, said Barnier. If, however, the British for the future, wanted something more than just a free trade zone, then you could deal with it again. Barnier urge in addition to clear signals: “I don’t think we need more time, but we need decisions,” he said.

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