The Spanish government and the Northern Ireland party, the DUP have threatened the negotiated Brexit-agreement between the UK and the EU fail. Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said his country would vote against it, should not be considered the future of Gibraltar as a bilateral matter between Spain and the United Kingdom. The DUP threatened to withdraw its support for the minority government of Theresa May in the house of Commons, if the Brexit-the agreement will not be changed again.

the United Kingdom and the European Union have negotiated a 585-page comprehensive draft agreement for the withdrawal of Britain and a much less detailed seven-page statement on your future relationships. Both documents should be approved by the EU heads of state and government at a summit meeting at the weekend. Previously, wants to meet Jun again with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

Sanchez, however, said that if the documents were not previously modified, shall vote in “Spain, no.” The country is the only one of the remaining 27 States of the EU, which has spoken out against the agreement. Spain holds the formulation to deal with Gibraltar, the British territory at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, is unclear. The country has for a Long time claims on Gibraltar and want the negotiations on the relations with the government in London won’t be led to the Brexit from the EU, but from Spain.

there is No open border between Ireland and Northern Ireland

The Protestant DUP, however, is against the Plan to keep the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland to the Brexit open. If this will not be changed, you can end your support for the minority government of the Conservative party in Parliament, warned the DUP. On Monday night, a DUP MP had abstained from several votes on financial legislation. Also this should be understood as a “political message”, said the DUP politician Sammy Wilson.

The British Prime Minister May justify since the days of the negotiations with the EU, and the draft that exists now. The agreement in place “in Northern Ireland in a fantastic Position for the future,” wrote the Belfast Telegraph.

Not enough supporters of a no-confidence vote

The May negotiated Brexit-the agreement has received in the past week, although the consent of the Cabinet. But stepped back nevertheless, some Ministers, including Brexit-Minister David Davis.

at the same time, a group of plans, within Mays Conservative party to overthrow the head of government. Try a no-confidence to force a vote against the Prime Minister. The required number of 48 supporters from the ranks of the Tories was not, however, yet reached, and a confessed Mays adversary Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Britain wants to leave at the end of March 2019, the European Union. Whether it May to get the Brexit agreement through Parliament is uncertain. It has neither a majority, nor keep within their group, all the members of your and their withdrawal plans.

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