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The self-prescribed debate began ambivalent: “This is not a hippie event,” said the parliamentary Secretary of the Left, Jan Korte, before he entered the meeting room for the exam of party’s Executive and parliamentary group on migration policy. And he added: On a scale of one to ten, he anticipated however, the maximum escalation level three. Korte proved to be right. The feared Showdown in the dispute between the group Chairman, Sahra car farmhand and their party fell. The debate was controversial, but factually run, reported participants of the meeting, to which came the 69 members of the 44 Board members in the Bundestag building. Calls for his resignation in one direction or the other.

In the early summer of this year, had agreed to the Left of the appointment on a party. At the time of the dispute, the issue was escalated, as it keeps the party with the claim to open borders. While large parts of the Left – including the two Chairpersons, Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger – keep open borders is an indispensable part of the left agenda, and reject the other in order wagenknecht vehemently. To make the Whole thing not in the Disaster, they wanted to reset after a longer cool down again and for a conference about Migration discuss.

Since the party Congress, the situation has worsened. Wagenknecht called in September, your collection of movement to get Up. Many in the Left have a competition, see it as a project for their own party. That Wagenknecht, then at the beginning of October of the large Berlin Indivisible-Demonstration against the right-dissociated, although the group supported this, caused renewed discontent. The last car brought up the servant of the party against when they rejected the UN-migration Pact.

Wagenknecht is not ready to accept any way of Thinking or freedom of Speech, made before the start of the exam clearly: you will not be sure in the future to be of the opinion that anyone who wishes to come to Germany and here is also the full base backup could relate to, dictated to the journalists in the blocks. That is not simply realistic. After disarmament, the sound will not.

Common ground

Given this mood, it resembled almost a small miracle that the party and group leaders, in addition to Wagenknecht this Dietmar Bartsch, had managed before the exam, after all, is to agree on a common paper. This was put together, especially that which is controversial. The basic recognition of the right to asylum, for example, the call for a better control of the cause of Flight, or the common will to strengthen the rights of migrant workers.

The question of open borders is not addressed directly. However, it is noted that both the electoral program of 2017, as well as of the party Congress decision in June of this year, have more validity. In both papers, the call for open borders, in the choice program with the addition “for all people”. In this respect, the Kipping-Riexinger-bearing. However, the conflict is not ended so long ago.

the dispute to labour migration

The rather theoretical argument about open borders, in which Kipping and Riexinger, a political long haul and not a short-term objective of see, now continues with the question of whether, and how much work the migration will allow the Left. Here, too, the opinions go far apart. While parts of the party campaigned for a very generous solutions to be based mainly solely on the usefulness of the migrants, has Wagenknecht in Interviews made it clear that she does not want to expand the opportunities for people to come and Work in Germany, in comparison to the Status quo.

This disagreement is not resolved in the paper, but only named. “The issue of labour migration will also be discussed within the party,” it States. Whether and how to regulate labour migration and to limit, there is no statement. As the smallest common denominator, the authors agreed inside that the Left wants to protect, in every case, “the fundamental social rights of those Affected and enable”.

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