Many business have called on organizations in the US, President Donald Trump, who last year imposed punitive tariffs on steel and Aluminium back.

The punitive tariffs meant higher costs for importing companies – many industries were suffering from the tariffs, such as China, Mexico, or the EU, imposed. On Wednesday, Trump addressed open letter to several dozen companies signed associations.

“The continued implementation of steel tariffs has economic problems for U.S. companies, which are made of imported steel, and aluminum depending on the”, – stated in the letter. For many of the “farmers, ranchers, and industrial companies” was the damage caused by the had agreed to the customs duties considerably higher than any Benefits they would have from the new free trade agreement, the Trump with the neighboring countries of Canada and Mexico.

Trump has risen in March 2018, imports of steel into the United States by 25 percent, and of aluminum by ten percent. Important trading partners such as China, Canada, Mexico, and the EU responded with a high punitive tariffs on major US exports.

at the end of last year, the United States agreed with Canada and Mexico, the new trade agreement USMCA. So far it is unclear, however, whether the punitive tariffs on steel and Aluminium cease to apply.

The business associations have urged Trump to clarify this question, a “Zero-customs-and-trade” could grab in North America. You offered your help to ensure that the agreement passes the Congress.


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