Since the 19th century. November, the car Manager Carlos Ghosn sits in Japan, in pre-trial detention. Now his wife complains in a letter about the conditions of detention of her husband. On nine pages, Carole Ghosn criticize in a Letter to the head of the local organization of the human rights group Human Rights Watch, the “harsh treatment” of her husband, reports the Reuters news Agency.

you are asked therefore to an investigation. Her husband sitting in a unheated, seven-square-meter cell and I lost since his arrest more than seven kilograms in weight. In the cell, the light burning at night, his daily necessary medications would be denied Ghosn. Also, Ghosn is being questioned by police for hours every day. “Every day, investigators interrogated him for hours, put pressure on him, make him insult and berate him in absence of his lawyers to give him a confession out of,” according to Reuters, in the letter.

“I ask Human Rights Watch, this Case,” wrote Carole Ghosn. The human rights organization should also seek to ensure that the Japanese government’ll reform the current “draconian System of detention and interrogation before trial”.

The Asia Director of human rights group, Brad Adams, said recently in the Online edition of “The Diplomat”, Ghosn should get no preferential treatment. “But if Japan wants to be up to its reputation as one of the most advanced democracies in the world, it has to modernise the criminal justice system,” he added.

A spokesman for the Japanese foreign Ministry announced that Ghosn will be adequately treated and the “basic human rights” would be ensured. Ghosn was going through a “strictly judicial investigation according to the relevant Japanese laws.”

Ghosn has been sitting for 19. November, in pre-trial detention. He is accused of, for years, his income is not fully specified. Him facing a long jail sentence. The Manager is an architect of the international automobile Alliance of Renault , Nissan and Mitsubishi . He had saved Nissan from near Bankruptcy. Shortly after his arrest, he was fired, Nissan and Mitsubishi from his Post. Ghosn had insisted on a date in court his innocence.

Recently, the Japanese public Prosecutor’s office had filed new charges against Ghosn. The lawyers informed then, you thought it was possible that Ghosn could stay for at least six more months in prison until his trial begins. An appointment yet.

After all, Ghosn can get after a court ruling last week now, visiting family. His main lawyer, Motonari Otsuru denied last week that Ghosn will be forced documents, or even a confession in Japanese. According to Ghosn, was laid in a larger cell. His client had not complained about the conditions of detention.


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